This Is The Greatest Music Video That You’ve Never Seen (Even Though It Has 5 Million Views)


You’ve never seen this music video, I can almost guarantee it. This video’s got over 5 MILLION views on YouTube and it’s been on the web since August 22nd, 2013. There are three incredibly sexy German chicks in this video, 2 blondes and 1 brunette, and they’re wearing traditional German dresses (Dirndls) to show off their gigantic and bulbous personalities. Still, I’m guessing you’ve never ever seen this video even though it’s got everything in the world going for it…Also, this is not good music, it’s just a great music video…You’ll see what I mean shortly:

I didn’t say it was a good song, I just said it was the ‘greatest music video that you’ve never seen’, and on that statement I’m 100% correct. This video was sent to my by an old friend and colleague of mine, someone who’s been around the blogging game for years: @gvoakes. He then sent me over this glorious video that features four and a half minutes of footage from MTV Grind, a show that’s sure to evoke some nostalgia in a lot of you bros:

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