Skrillex Shows Why The ‘Sorry’ Lawsuit Against Him And Justin Bieber Is Total Trash (In Under One Minute)

I’m guessing that if you clicked this article then you’ve heard by now that a woman by the name of White Hinterland is suing Skrillex and Justin Bieber for $$$$$, claiming that they jacked the opening to Hinterland’s song ‘Ring the Bell’. You can see ‘Ring the Bell’ below, and the similarities between the two songs are pretty damn close, but as Skrillex points out in this video he came up with this ‘OooOOooOOOoOOo’ sound all on his own with singer Julia Michaels. In fact, from the looks of this clip it appears as if this took Skrillex zero time at all to come up with this sound and the accuser (White Hinterland) is grasping at straws:

So here’s that White Hinterland ‘Ring the Bell’ track for any of you that haven’t heard it yet, this way you can catch up on why this has been so controversial.

Now here’s Skrillex lamenting his inability to go fishing:



Now we must ask the big questions….Is Justin Bieber Really Sorry?

(via Skrillex Twitter)