Smash Mouth’s Tribute To David Bowie Is As Awful As Every Other Thing Smash Mouth Has Ever Done


Hey! Smash Mouth. Remember Smash Mouth, they of some middling success thanks to the god awful taste of the early 2000s? When all it took for you to become a musical icon was a willingness to frost your tips?

Walking on the sun. Might as well be walking on the sun. Remember that crap?

Yea you do.

A very nice way to do something to honor someone very talented in your field — who is way more talented than you — is to do nothing. Like if I was a middling blogger playwright in the 1600s and Shakespeare died, I would not write him a fair well sonnet.

What doth death know, nowth that William hath passed
Mine hopeth of collaboration areth done dashed
Fair Shakespeare has died, but his prose shall live
For it is I now with mine own words to give

That fucking sucked. You know what’s worse? Smash Mouth honoring David Bowie’s death by turning Under Pressure, his collaboration with Queen, into an aural ball of crap.

Enjoy it. It’s so bad.

[Via Death and Taxes]