Taylor Swift Just Made #AppleMusic Her Bitch, Forced Them To Change A Policy Regarding Queen T’s $$$$

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Up until this past weekend Apple Music was NOT going to pay artists for royalties while users were under the three-month free trial of Apple’s new music streaming service. The logic here being that Apple wasn’t receiving any money from subscribers during the free trial, so they didn’t think they needed to pay the musicians. I get their logic, but the reality of the situation is that Apple Music would essentially be giving away artist’s music FOR FREE, and the artists wouldn’t be seeing any return from their work. This sucks for indie artists trying to make a splash in the music biz, getting their names out there via Apple Music. They simply cannot afford the cost of studio time and recording without seeing returns on their music. Taylor Swift is ungodly wealthy (est. over $200 million), she can pretty much afford to do whatever she wants for the rest of her life and money wouldn’t be an object. However, Queen T looks out for her fellow artists and yesterday she penned a letter To Apple (on Tumblr) refusing to let them stream her 1989 album until they agreed to pay artist, and since Taylor gets what Taylor wants Apple immediately buckled, announcing a complete reversal of their policy of not paying artists. Taylor gets shit done.


After blasting that scathing letter out on Tumblr the executives of Apple had a powwow and realized they couldn’t go against Tay. Their VP of Software Development, Eddy Cue, who reports directly to CEO Tim Cook sent out the following tweets as Taylor’s letter to Apple began to go viral:



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