A New Study Claims That Listening To Taylor Swift Can Make Eating Your Favorite Delivery Food Taste Better

New research from a University of Oxford professor (the #6 university in the world) claims that blasting a little Taylor Swift while chowing down on the Chickity China, the Chinese Chicken genuinely enhances the meal. It doesn’t stop there either, the Oxford University researcher has found that listening to Bruce Springsteen while eating Indian food makes the food taste spicier, and that listening to classical music makes Italian food taste better. Does this all sound strange? Well, it is pretty strange but there’s a good explanation for everything.

The UK’s Telegraph reports:

His latest gastrophysics study involved 700 volunteers who ordered takeaways and listened to songs from six genres.
Participants were asked to rate the dishes on a scale of one to ten.
Prof Spence, who runs the University of Oxford’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory, found while some foods appeared to have an obvious musical accompaniment, such as Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma with pasta dishes, others proved more of a surprise, such as the connection between chilli and rock’n’roll.
“Nobody has looked at spiciness and music before,” he told The Times.
“We found that if there is music that is more alerting, more arousing, then people appreciate spicier food more.”
Volunteers reported that food tasted four per cent spicier when listening to rock tracks than when listening to the jazz of Nina Simone.
The likes of Simone and Frank Sinatra, are, however, said to be good with sushi.
Hip-hop and RnB were found to have no effect on the enjoyment of different tastes.

OOOooOOOoooo. So hip-hop and R&B are basically snubbed by the taste buds. The article also makes mention that in addition to Taylor Swift’s music making Chinese food taste better the same goes for the music of Ed Sheeran.

I guess the main reason I find this interesting is tied to something I was talking about last week with a fellow BroBible editor. I’d mentioned that I read a while back that tomato juice and cranberry cocktail all taste better on planes because of something to do with the loudness of the plane affecting our taste buds. I’m guessing the music is playing a similar effect here, but without reading the research in full I guess I can’t make that assumption.

Anyways, to see which type of food the music of The Who and Blondie pair best with CLICK HERE to head on over to The Telegraph.