The Rave Experience in .gif Form

Remember back when your friends told you all about this “EDM” thing?

And then you listened to it and absolutely fell in love with it!

You think to yourself, “I love this music so much! I should go to one of those paint parties!”

“Paint parties are lame anyway! What I need to do is go to a festival!”

“Now THIS is where I should've been!”

“That DJ up there is pretty cool…

…and the PEOPLE are unbelievable.”

“Not to mention that the girls are unnaturally sexy.”

“Some of them wear these crazy hats…

…and others can do tricks with light up gloves.”

“The stages were HUGE…

…and I got so close, I al”most felt like I was right on stage with them!””

“I was dancing all night…

…and so was the rest of the crowd…

…until the sun came up.”

All good things must end though! Now all that's left to do is plan your next brief escape from the world.