Someone Leaked The Rolling Stones’ Tour Rider And It Looks Like These Dudes Still Party Their Asses Off At 70

The members of The Rolling Stones might be well into their 70’s, but according to a leaked tour rider obtained by TMZ these aging rockers still party their asses off on the road, thus proving that age is nothing but a number. Keith Richards is 71 and Mick Jagger is 72, which usually means that the idea of a ‘wild night’ is going out to dinner with your kids and grandkids (who are all old enough to drink), and splitting a single bottle of wine amongst table. But life is different when you’re some of the most famous rockers in the history of music.

Based on the leaked rider obtained by TMZ, these old ass rockers could still party any normal human being under the table even though they’re old enough to have great-great grandchildren. Here’s what the rider contains, according to TMZ:

The Stones recently wrapped up another world tour and one thing they insist on at each stop … the hotel bar doesn’t close. In fact, their hotel rider insists that wherever the band stays, illegal or not — the place better figure out a way to keep the booze flowing.
Some other kick ass requests …
-Blacked out windows (so they can party as long as they want)
-Extra butlers, for HUGE room service requests
-After hours dry cleaning, for when things get messy
It’s no surprise, Keith and the boys love their cigarettes — and they demand each hotel room supply plenty. Their brand of choice? Marlboro Reds and Marlboro Lights.
However, there’s one thing on the rider that ages the rockers — they need written out instructions on how to use ALL the electronics in each room.

The last part is just fucking hilarious. Some of the wealthiest, most well traveled men in the world and they still need instructions on how to use the remote controls in their rooms?!?!? Really?!

And when they say ‘extra butlers’ I can’t help but wonder how many butlers they already have? Like, does extra butlers = 15 extra? Is it just one more per band member? How large is their staff when they’re on the road? For more on this FOLLOW THIS LINK on over to TMZ who obtained the rider!