Graphic Accurately Describes Your Friend Who Went To One Bassnectar Show And Was Never The Same Again


I think we could all use a little bit of a break from the news cycle today, eh? How about a laugh? How about a laugh at the expense of your friend Ryan who got just a little *too* into see Bassnectar shows, then uprooted his life to wook it out hard in the mile-high elevations of Colorado making edibles all day?

“Duddddeee…. Weed is, like, legal out here, man!”

We get it, Ryan.

This could be said of a number of crunchy tour rats who fall down the Phish, Dead, STS9, String Cheese Incident rabbit hole. But it’s particularly apropos for the womp womp womppppp womp womp wommmmmmmp of Bassnectar, which sponges up wooks and wookettes like two-buck chuck in a drum circle.

Presenting the Wookamorphosis, courtesy of Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunters:


We all know a Ryan. Maybe you are a Ryan. Ryan, if you’re out there reading this, please stop trying to sell us your heady crystals and take the G.R.E. already. You’ll be able to afford all the Bassnectar shows in the world when you’re pullin’ in six figures after getting that sweet, sweet Arizona State University M.B.A.

Seriously, follow these guys on Instagram. If you’re into music-life culture memes, it’s gold.

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