The Three Funkiest Things To Kick It To Today: Chromeo, GriZ + Lettuce, and The Chainsmokers

Not sure what it was about today, but I woke up on an especially funky side of the bed. Maybe it’s the fact that Soulive’s residency at Brooklyn Bowl is full-steam ahead this week. Maybe it’s still from the chills I got during Tim Gunter’s DJ set at the BroBible party in Austin last week. Maybe it’s just spring.

Regardless, there’s some funky shit out there that everyone should listen to right now.Since influencers gonna influence, I think it’s worth bringing to your attention for your next dance party.

Let’s start with Chromeo’s music video for “Jealous (I Ain’t With It).” The synth-funk jam is the first single off Chromeo’s White Womem, out 5/12 on Atlantic. Hey look! A$AP Ferg!

Next up, GriZ’s hypnotic remix of Lettuce’s “Slippin Into Darkness.” If you’re unfamiliar of Lettuce, they’re perhaps the premiere New York City funk horn band of the moment. In fact, they’re considered the official house band of the New York Knicks. No joke, I saw John Starks straight chillin‘ to the crunchy grooves at one of their shows back in the fall. Anyway, GRiZ brings in Jessica Griffiths to do it big on this insane remix.

Alright, now we got that out of our system, let’s back-up to Chromeo again. The Chainsmokers — perhaps the hottest up-and-comers out there after dropping “#Selfie” — cut a super electro remix of “Jealous (I Ain’t With It).”

Their remix of Strange Talk’s “Young Hearts” is also especially dope. Be sure to check The Chainsmokers set at the World Music Conference in Miami at the end of March.


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