This TomorrowWorld Trailer With Turnt Up Girls + EDM Just Got Us Stoked for FESTIVALS

It’s a lonely place for those of us who didn’t make it to Coachella or Jazzfest or Counterpoint any of the other music festivals that have already happened this season. We’ve been subjected to Instagram pics and Tweets of our friends having the time of their lives raging face until sunrise to absolutely insane live music sets. Brighter days are ahead, though…

Last week TomorrowWorld, America’s largest 21+ music festival, dropped a video announcing their line-up at this September at Chattahoochee Hills, Atlanta. TomorrowWorld is the largest EDM camping festival in America and welcomes 30,000 people each night into DreamVille, TomorrowWorld’s vibrant camping city. Tickets and payment plans are still available, so jump over to 

The video gets us next level stoked to party at one of the best EDM fests in the country. Check it out

Here’s the line-up. You ready?


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