Idiots at Ultra Music Festival Nearly Trample Security Guard to Death

Dipshit gatecrashers at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival trampled and nearly killed a 28-year-old security guard, Erica Mack, on Friday night. The mob was said to be trying to gain access to the EDM fest without tickets; they knocked over a chain-link fence, it fell on Mack, and amid the ensuing ruckus the guard suffered serious head trauma and a broken leg.

Miami Fire-Rescue spokesman Ignatius Carroll said Mack is still “fighting for her life.” “There must have been a whole lot of people. We found her on the ground, screaming in pain,” he told the Miami New Times. “Her condition got worse as we were transporting her.”

As with most large-scale music festivals, especially those featuring widespread drug use, Ultra saw a rather large casualty list this weekend: several hundred people were treated by Miami Fire-Rescue, and 51 went down with injuries serious enough to file reports. There were ODs and over-hydration issues and, according to Carroll, some of those rarely seen “dancing injuries.”

Meanwhile, there’s this black eye: A law enforcement source at the scene told the Miami Herald that cops had warned festival promoters that additional fencing was needed to deter gate crashers. The warning was ignored, Mack was trampled. From the New Times:

The accident also provides further ammunition to politicians who consider Ultra to be more of a nuisance than a boon to the city. In talking with the Herald, Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado said promoters “acted irresponsibly,” adding that he doesn’t think Ultra should be held at Bayfront Park next year.

Okay, Mayor: A.) You’re right, but B.) Let’s be realistic. Ultra drives millions to Miami’s economy. It’s not going anywhere. Maybe cut the concern trolling and everyone can start concentrating on making things safer?

[H/T: Gawker]