Why Everyone Wants To Be Friends With Dave Grohl


If someone told you in 1991, shortly after Nirvana’s Nevermind came out, that in 24 years drummer Dave Grohl would be one of the most popular frontmen in the world, I’m not even sure Dave Grohl would’ve believed it. But he is, and for good reason.

If you’ve managed to share the stage with Paul McCartney, out-drum the shit out Animal from the Muppets, and return to a venue to finish a show after breaking your freaking leg, it’s safe to say you’ve rounded the bases of likability and then some. Hell, he even took on the Westboro Baptist Church with the proper tone of humor and GFY set in place.

But even with all of his accomplishments taken into account, it’s probably Grohl’s undeniable passion and candor that stands above all. You just always know that what you’re getting — whether it’s about making music, downloading music, or life itself — is devoid of any bullshit or “brand awareness.” And that’s basically why everyone wants to be friends with Dave Grohl.