Wiz Khalifa Picked The Perfect Day To Drop His AWESOME Weed Emojis On The World

Wiz Khalifa emojis


Trying to tell your bro that you’re sparking up, and just don’t know how to say it?

Always wished there was an emoji to tell your friends to come over and get blazed, but had to settle for that cigarette or stupid red maple leaf instead?

Well, hey, today is 4/20, and I’m happy to confirm your wishes were just granted by none other than Taylor Gang weed God, Wiz Khalifa.

Weed, grinders, papers, pens, joints, blunts, dabs, rigs! You now have it ALL at your disposal.

Introducing the #wizmoji. Look at these gems!

Best part is…they’re only $0.99.


Happy 4/20, bros. Happy 4/20 indeed.

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