These 3 Food Habits Are Making You Fat And One Involves Falling Victim To The ‘Most Dangerous’ Hour Of The Day

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People are often the victims of their environment.

You could try to resist all you want but if you’re constantly surrounded by bad food, and quick eating options, you’re eventually going to cave.

Men’s Health spoke with several weight management experts to ask about tips for changing a person’s eating environment in an attempt to lose weight.

The article breaks down 13 simple weight loss strategies that will have almost-immediate results.

Here are our three favorites tips.

Don’t Let Your Fridge Get Empty

Men’s Health explains in the article how people believe that keeping the fridge or cabinets close to empty will keep them from overeating because, well, there’s no food.


An empty fridge actually causes people to make poor choices in the name of sudden starvation.

The moment this happens is the moment you become more likely to go out and order the Mini Corn Dog party platter at Buffalo Wild Wings. So keep that refrigerator at least looking full, says Judy Simon, R.D.N., of UW Medicine in Seattle.

Buy enough fruit, vegetables, and lean meats to last for the week, shop twice a week, or set up regular delivery with your local supermarket. Or simply pull your food to the front of the shelves to create an illusion of plenty.

Another good idea is to stop opening the damn fridge every ten minutes. There’s a good chance you’re just boredor just thirsty – and not hungry at all.

Stop Taking Everyone’s Leftovers

Summertime and the holidays are when people gather together most frequently. Those gatherings involve a ton of high-caloric foods and, of course, doggie bags.

It’s bad enough to eat poorly one day but it’s waistline sabatoge if you keep feasting on the same food for a week.

MH suggests a Sunday evening junk food dump, and not into your mouth.

Pie from the church bake sale, caramel popcorn from the Boy Scouts, a pork-kraut roll from Mom. And before you know it, you’re shoveling it into your mouth. Start the workweek fresh by taking a few minutes to rid your kitchen of crap and shake the airline stroopwafels out of your briefcase.

The same goes for eating in restaurants. Don’t worry about “letting food go to waste.”

It wasn’t wasted. You ate some of it. You don’t need to eat ALL of it.

Falling Victim To The ‘Most Dangerous’ Hour Of The Day

Finally, MH warns men to pay very close attention to a specific time of day if they want to maintain a healthy weight or even lose a couple pounds.

You’re probably thinking “the hour before bed.”

Nope. It’s much earlier in the evening.

Make sure you’re safe at this dangerous time, specifically, the hour or two after work ends and before dinner begins is a weak spot for many men, says Simon.

Make sure you’re nowhere near a happy hour with free appetizers or an ice cream stand with a drive-thru during these times.

Stash your favorite protein bar in your car in case of emergency.

And don’t snack when you get home, unless it’s on fresh vegetables.

For other weight loss strategies that work, check out the complete article on Men’s Health.

[via Men’s Health]


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