We Now Live In A World That Has Diet Avocados


Everyone seems to love avocados. But of course, the human species can’t ever be satisfied. There is a company that is selling diet avocados that have lower fat because nothing is sacred.

Spanish food company Isla Bonita (That means “beautiful island” for all of our non-Spanish-speaking readers) are selling diet avocados that are nearly one-third less fat than regular avocados and are certified as a “reduced-fat” product by the Spanish Hearth Foundation’s Food Health Program. So much for all that talk about avocados having “good fats.” People are still trying to get rid of any fat in their diets, even healthy fats.

Isla Bonita said that not only are the diet avocados reduced fat but they also ripen faster and turn brown slower. The light avocados are said to have a “mild” flavor and a “juicier” pulp. The company stated that the diet avocados are “ideal for the preparation of smoothies, cold soup, gazpachos, cocktails.” Do you know what is a key component to flavor? Fat. Enjoy your flavorless avocados.

Isla Bonita analyzed 32 different varieties of avocados across six countries in order to discover the kind of avocados that were naturally lower in calories and fat. The light avocado is only found in certain tropical areas that are close to Ecuador, in Central America, and in South America. The reduced fat fruit are expected to launch later this month at a trade show in Madrid. But before you get too excited for diet avocados, the diet avocados will initially only be offered in Spain.

The marketing team over at Isla Bonita deserves a raise, they’ll sell you a less tasty avocado at whatever price they want under the guise that it is healthy. Genius.


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