Watch And Cringe As Strongman Man Eddie Hall Lifts A Kettlebell Using Just His Junk

Eddie Hall Genital Lift

Strongman Eddie Hall felt like proving he’s still the cock of the walk – so that’s exactly the body part he used to lift an absurd amount of weight.

Well, it’s an absurd amount considering he’s using only his dingus and balls.

The 2017 winner of the World’s Strongest Man crown challenged his buddy Paddy McGuinness to a lifting competition that’s just plain nuts.

The pair straps kettlebells to their privates to see who could nut up and pick up the most weight.

The rules were simple: Hall and McGuinness both each tied the cord around their penis and balls under their workout clothes, then looped the other end around a kettlebell. Then, starting from a low crouch, they each began to stand upright to see who could take the most weight hanging from their genitals.

Naturally, Hall walked away with the win and possibly a mild hernia.

[via Men’s Health]


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