Skinny High School Bro Transforms Himself Into A Jacked Bodybuilder, Becomes A Fitness Model

Skinny Guy Transforms Fitness Model Andrew Kang

Andrew Kang, Instagram

We’ve shared a lot of truly astounding body transformations over the years here. From Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny to James McAvoy getting swole AF for the film Glass.

And while seeing the results of guys like them putting in work is cool, it’s even more special when it’s a guy that’s actually someone we could actually hang with sometime if given the chance.

Such is the case with Korean fitness model and bodybuilder Andrew Kang.

In high school, Kang was your average, relatively skinny – about 140 pounds – guy. Then he started lifting weights… and blew up.

He currently weighs about 185 pounds – all muscle and his transformation pictures are absolutely out of control.

So how did he do it?

Kang credits much of his transformation to doing a ton of weighted calisthenics, which is probably why his abs now look like cinder blocks. He also consistently does all the main power movements like bench press, squats, and deadlift.

For all of his other isolation exercises like shoulders and arms, he typically maxes out all his sets (burnout) as opposed to the average gym-goer who stops at 10 to 12 even when they aren’t completely drained. He emphasizes that as the most important part to his gains.

Following college, where he was his fraternity’s president, Kang started competing in bodybuilding shows and ended up winning a few times, eventually getting his pro card.

After competing for a while, he started to get into fitness modeling. He also coaches people in posing, lifting, and also makes custom meal plans for people (for cheap) if they DM him on Instagram. Oh, and because everyone asks, he doesn’t use steroids.

Now, when he isn’t working his 9-to-5 as a business consultant in New York, traveling or playing sports, he does work for the famous modeling agency Wilhelmina.

Very inspiring.

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