Strongman Eddie Hall Has Dropped 80 Pounds And Looks Pretty Shredded For A Guy His Size

Former World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall is slowly morphing into a shredded fitness cover model.

Fine, that might be a stretch, but the 6’3″ strongman has cut a considerable amount of weight in preparation for his upcoming exhibition boxing match against another World’s Strongest Man winner, Hafþór Björnsson.

Hall posted a photo to Instagram explaining his body transformation and revealed that over the past three years, he’s dropped 80 pounds, going from 430 pounds to 355 pounds.

Hall credits the combination of monitoring his caloric intake and varying his training.

The 32-year-old beast posted before and after photos and the results are nothing short of amazing.

To lose weight, Hall completely revamped his diet. He still takes in about 7,000 calories a day.

Hall chronicles his training and lifestyle journey on his YouTube channel where he competes in various athletic endeavors such as trying to complete the Navy SEAL Fitness Test.

Hall told Men’s Health UK that he’s got three goals for 2021 and two of those goals involve knocking out Björnsson. He’s been practicing by punching sparring partners so hard, they cough up blood.

[via Men’s Health UK]


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