14 Things We Want: New 2019 Ford GT, A Life-Size T-Rex Sculpture, Bourbon, Booze, And More!

It’s time again for the ‘Things We Want’ round up of the best gear for men. It’s my weekly collection of the hottest gear I’ve come across from new releases to auctions, and practical to ultimate luxury items.

This weekly gear guide consists of Gear I desperately want in my life to things I’ll never be able to afford, I try and include a cross-section of everything here in the ‘Things We Want‘ roundup. I try to include all of the coolest and hottest gear of 2018 but sometimes things slip through the cracks.

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2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition

The 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition will set you back a completely reasonable $450,000. The Heritage Blue and Heritage Orange paint job pays homage to the Zenith Blue and Tangerine orange colored 968 Le Mans-winning Ford GT40 sponsored by Gulf Oil, one of the most iconic Le Mans cars to ever compete.

This incredible Ford GT was announced at the end of last month and you can check out a full rundown of all the unique features peppered in throughout by following the link below and checking out the press release.


The Drop Wine JammyPack

things we want

Can’t have a proper tailgate without a proper dance party. The JammyPack is an essential pregame (and/or postgame) accessory. It’s a fannypack that boosts a 5W stereo speaker, resulting in the highest qualified range of volume with quality. Coupled with 8W internal driver that has been “balance engineered” to distribute a variable range of power to each speaker, it prevents blowouts and distortion.

Of course, no tailgate is complete without some booze, which is why you should rely on The Drop Wine to keep your JammyPack fully stocked this season, whether you’re looking for a white, red or rosé (as far as I’m concerned, rosé season is all year long).

You can grab the package right now for $99, which is 30% less than you’d normally have to drop.


Angel’s Envy Toast The Trees

Angel's Envy things we want

Angel's Envy

Angel’s Envy. You probably know this amazing bourbon already. If you don’t, it’s an exquisite top-shelf Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that’s finished in port wine barrels. I was fortunate enough to vacation in Porto, Portugal last Winter and fell in love with Port wine all over and that’s given me a deep appreciation for the Angel’s Envy barrel aging process.

The ‘Toast the Trees‘ campaign that Angel’s Envy is currently running is pretty darn awesome. It’s also super easy to get involved. You take a picture of your Angel’s Envy drink and share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #ToastTheTrees and they will plan an oak tree next spring for every picture used with that hashtag. Their goal for this year is to plant 20,000 oak trees so you bros need to get drinking Angel’s Envy ASAP! Also, look for my #ToastTheTrees tweet later today (after 5pm) by following me on Twitter at @casspa.


Foot Cardigan Men’s Socks

things we want

Foot Cardigan

One of the MOST underrated luxuries in life is a new pair of socks. We all love new socks, every single one of us does. Typically, I’m too lazy to remember to buy new socks. I’ve got old socks in my closet that are 15 years old and I probably haven’t worn them in 14 years. That’s where Foot Cardigan swoops in to make your life better.

Foot Cardigan was featured on Shark Tank and they’ll deliver fun new socks to your door every month for cheap. They have 6 and 12-month subscriptions (crew socks, no-show, and premiums), or you can buy the socks outright, and your life will immediately get better after an influx of new socks.


Apologue Spirited Liquers

apologue liquers things we want


I was recently turned onto Apologue ‘Spirited’ Liqueurs and they are an absolute revelation when it comes to cocktail making. There are three variants. Aronia is a floral and berry liqueur which makes an amazing bramble and old fashioned. The Persimmon is a bittersweet liqueur which is perfect for mixing up a Mule or Negroni. And the Celery Root is an herbal liqueur that’s savory and absolutely amazing when mixed into a Bloody Mary or Gimlet.

Apologue was created by Chicago mixologist Robby Haynes and his co-founder Jordan Tepper with these first three variants blowing people away. The spirts are made from 100% natural/non-GMO ingredients. The Apologue variants are currently available in Chicagoland but it’s hitting the shelves and bars of NYC and LA this Fall so even if you’re not in Chicago you’re still in luck.

As we move into Fall 2018 and start experimenting with new cocktails I figured these would be a perfect way for you gentleman to class things up a little bit. You can learn more about the individual spirits by following the link below and visiting Apologue’s website!


Turdcules Toilet Elixirs

things we want


Can I start by saying that ‘Turdcules’ is one of the best product names I’ve ever heard? These toilet elixirs are a must-have for any guy’s bathroom. These toilet elixirs come in multiple variants including Turdpedo, Sasquat, Log Splitter, Somethin’ Brewing, Turdally Awesome, and Tennessee Hangover.

They are bathroom deodorizers that will ensure you don’t completely destroy the bathroom every time you make a misstep when ordering at Chipotle, if you get my drift. By men, for men. A perfect gift for any dude and they’re only $9.99!


Lifesize T-Rex Dinosaur Sculpture

things we want

Do you feel like your home is mostly complete but there’s just one thing missing from making it perfect? I found that thing. It’s a lifesize T-Rex sculpture that’s so outrageously large you’ll instantly become the coolest house on the block.


Babe Ruth Autographed Baseball

things we want


You know what’s missing from your man cave? A mint condition Babe Ruth autographed baseball. Now all you need is $124,719.99 to afford the baseball and you’re set.


V8 +Hydrate Plant Powered Hydration

Tired of all the borning beverage options out there in the world? You need to check out the new flavors of V8 +Hydrate. Honestly, I never thought I’d be at a point in life where I’d be writing about V8. My dad drank V8 when I was a kid and it was horrifying to me but this isn’t that, and things have changed.

The V8 +Hydrate flavors include Strawberry Cucumber, Orange Grapefruit, and Coconut Watermelon. All are designed to replenish you when you need to hydrate.


Kershaw Knives ‘Knockout’ Folding Knife With SpeedSafe

things we want

The Knockout from Kershaw Knives is made right here in the USA. It features Kershaw’s famous SpeedSafe assisted opening. There is a 4-position pocket clip. The steel on this knife is Sandvik 14C28N and the Olive/Black 6061-T6 Anodized aluminum. At 3.4oz this a light pocket knife that’s perfect for everyday carry. It’s also a very sharp blade that’ll last you for as long as you treat it well.


AquaTech Waterproof AxisGO iPhone Cases

AquqTech AxisGO iPhone Cases Waterproof Professional


For the past 20 years, AquaTech has been making the highest-end camera casings around, casings built for $100,000 professional rigs. Now, they’ve jumped into the smartphone game and have released a line of professional-quality waterproof iPhone cases which enable you to take HD footage under the sea.

The waterproof AxisGO iPhone cases are built for the iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone 7+, and the iPhone X. These professional-quality cases are made from marine-grade stainless steel, polycarbonate, aluminum, and have optically correct glass elements to ensure you’re able to shoot professional video with your iPhone’s camera.


SeaVees California Special Sneakers in Black Pig Suede

things we want


The SeaVees California Special in all black is going to make a perfect addition to your Fall footwear lineup. These slick sneakers look perfect with jeans.


BakerStone Basics Pizza Oven Box For 12″ Pizzas

things we want


If you love pizza but aren’t willing to commit to buying a specialized pizza oven like the Uuni 3 wood-fire pizza cooker then you should 100% invest in a Pizza Oven Box like the BakerStone. This box works on most 3-burner grills and enables you to cook pizza on the grill without having to buy an entirely new grill and you can finish the 12″ pizzas in 2-4 minutes.


Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass

Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass Artisan

The Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass is a lead-free crystal glass built to emphasize your favorite spirits by unlocking the molecular physiology.

This glass is trusted by experts worldwide and is used in spirts tasting competitions all across the planet. If the Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass is good enough for the pros then it’s more-than-good-enough for me.


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