14 Things We Want: Paul Newman’s Race Car, BBQ Sauce, Backpacks, Coolers, Sneakers, And More!

It’s time again for the ‘Things We Want’ round up of the best gear for men. It’s my weekly collection of the hottest gear I’ve come across from new releases to auctions, and practical to ultimate luxury items.

This weekly gear guide consists of Gear I desperately want in my life to things I’ll never be able to afford, I try and include a cross-section of everything here in the ‘Things We Want‘ roundup. I try to include all of the coolest and hottest gear of 2018 but sometimes things slip through the cracks.

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Sunday Scaries CBD Is The World’s Best Stress Reliever

sunday scaries tincture


Marijuana contains a bunch of different cannabinoids— including cannabidiol, which has an incredible number of therapeutic effects without the psychoactive elements associated with THC. Unlike THC, CBD is an entirely legal substance and the foundation of Sunday Scaries. Their INCREDIBLE tinctures pack 250% more CBD, have vitamins D3 and B12, and they’re made with a 100% vegan/vegetarian formula. These CBD tinctures are legal, natural, and they’re exactly what’s missing from your life at the moment.

If you picture your anxiety as the bad guys in Roadhouse, these gummies are basically your Patrick Swayze when it comes to kicking its ass.

Order Sunday Scaries CBD gummies using the code brobible10 for 10% off!


Paul Newman’s 1979 Datsun 280ZX Championship Racecar

Want to own a piece of racing history? You can own Paul Newman’s 1979 Datsun 280ZX Championship Racecar that’s recently undergone a series of renovations from Motorcar Classics. This car was from Paul Newman’s SCCA C Production National Championship in 1979 where he captured 7 wins. It’s expected to sell for an insane amount of money and you’ll have to follow the link below to reach out to Motorcar Classics for a quote.


‘FIFA 19’ For Xbox and PlayStation

FIFA 19 is out, my dudes! I’ve been addicted to this game for two weeks now, since I first got it. It’s available for Xbox and PlayStation, but before you purchase let’s take a look at all the new features in the latest edition of the most popular video game on the planet.

— The new Tottenham Hotspur White Hart Lane Stadium will be featured. The Spurs (my team) are shooting to play their new stadium home opener in mid-December so I can’t wait for this feature. No joke, I’m writing up this weekly gear guide while wearing my Tottenham Third Kit. #COYS
— All-new soundtrack featuring music from Childish Gambino, Logic, and more. 43 tracks included.
— New Ultimate Team cards with a tweak in the ratings
— Includes full rights to Serie A and Coppa Italia
— Crossplay is a possibility they’re reportedly ‘looking into’

The biggest (and best) changes in FIFA 19 from previous iterations include a new ‘sweet spot’ which happens if you tap B or Circle as you’re striking and it increases your chances of hitting the top corner. You can also adjust ‘tactics’ before the game and adjust within the game as the gameplan unfolds and the score changes. There’s a new Mini Map. You can create custom Champions League tournaments and it has full Champions League commentary from Derek Rae and Lee Dixon. There’s also Europa League play! Pick up your copy by following that link below.


Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

things we want

Do you ever head out and need to keep some frosty brews ice cold but don’t want to bring a full cooler? This has been a very real concern throughout my life. Whether it’s popping over to a friend’s house for a poker game, hitting the beach, or tailgating. Sometimes I just want to bring a sixer. The Cooler Tube from Mountainsmith is something I could’ve used countless times over the years.

The Cooler Tube comes in four different styles: Otter Brown, Ice Grey, High Country, and Blueberry. It’s meant to be slung over your shoulder and with the Cooler Tube you can bring six ice-cold beers anywhere you want. Best part? It’s super affordable! Only $21.95 on the Mountainsmith website (link below).


Meater+ Plus Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

things we want


The Meater+ (Meater Plus) is the 2nd generation Meater wireless meat thermometer. This time around it has a 165-foot Bluetooth range compared to the previous 10-33ft range of the first gen model. The Meater’s been a favorite of mine for quite some time and the Meater+ is a major upgrade. With the holidays and tailgating season ahead of us NOW is the time to pick up the industry-best wireless meat thermometer.


Nike x Pendleton ‘Pendleton By You’ Custom Sneakers

things we want


I’ve been a huge fan of Pendleton for years. The ‘Department Store’ in the tiny town where I spend my summers in the Adirondack Mountains almost exclusively carries Pendleton flannels and over the years I’ve purchased quite a few. Pendleton and Nike have teamed up to launch a line of sneakers that are extremely customizable so even if you don’t like the one’s pictured above you can design your own!


Lillie’s Q 6 Sauce Gift Set

things we want

lillie's q

There are VERY FEW things on this planet that make me happier than a quality-made BBQ sauce. Lillie’s Q is top notch. I made mention of the (South Carolina) ‘GOLD’ sauce yesterday in my Everyday Carry Essentials roundup. This gift set of 6 bottles brings together the absolute best flavors from Alabama, Memphis, and the Carolinas.

I also wanted to make special mention of BBQ sauce from Lillie’s Q because they’re a barbecue joint with locations in Chicago’s Bucktown and the panhandle of Florida (in Destin). As you know, the Florida panhandle was absolutely decimated this week by Hurricane Michael. Consider ordering some of this BBQ while the panhandle rebuilds because DAMN is it delicious (it also comes in gift packs with other BBQ flavors).


Mountainsmith Frostbite Cooler

things we want frostbite cooler

The Mountainsmith Frostbite Cooler is 50% backpack, 50% cooler, and 100% a game changer. This is perfect for traveling, hiking, barbecues, days at the beach, and more. You fill the large top section with all of your gear and the cooler’s down at the bottom. The comfortable shoulder straps make this extra easy to carry and the cooler provides up to 12-hours of ice-cold storage.

There are also compression straps on the outside so you can strap additional gear in there like a beach towel, jacket, yoga mat, or whatever else you might need. It comes in two styles, Ice Grey and High Country. The best part? It’s EXTREMELY affordable for what you’re getting. At only $69.95, you’re scoring an amazing backpack and a great cooler.


Spyderco ParaMilitary2 Black G-10 PlainEdge Knife

things we want

Looking for a badass new pocket knife for everyday carry? Look no further than the Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 G-10.

MBandF HM9 Flow Watch

Yup, that’s a watch. It looks more like a rocket ship than a wristwatch but that’s what’ll happen when you spend $182,000+ on a watch, you end up owning a piece of art. It’s made of titanium with five crystal windows and only 33 of these watches are being made.


Mophie Powerstation External Battery for Universal Smartphones

things we want


I was traveling last weekend and every time I hit the road I’m reminded of how I’d never make it through a trip without my Mophioe Powerstation. This gives you the power to fully juice up your smartphone or tablet when you aren’t able to plug into the wall. Seriously, don’t leave home without one.


Luminox ICE-SAR Arctic 1000 Watch

Luminox ICE-SAR Arctic 1000 Watch

Thanks to the 25-year lume, these precision-made Luminox Swiss timepieces are readable at night for decades and they stay as accurate as any Swiss watch around. The 25-year lume in these Luminox watches has also lead to Luminox being a favorite watch of special forces, police and fire departments around the world for decades.

Currently, the Luminox ICE-SAR Arctic 1000 Watch is on sale in three styles. You can save over $70 on your style of choice by following any of the links throughout this article. The three styles on sale are Snow White, Ice Blue, and Black on Black.


Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass

Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass Artisan

The Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass is a lead-free crystal glass built to emphasize your favorite spirits by unlocking the molecular physiology.

This glass is trusted by experts worldwide and is used in spirts tasting competitions all across the planet. If the Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass is good enough for the pros then it’s more-than-good-enough for me.


Quoddy Bowhunter Boot

Quoddy Bowhunter Booth Grizzly Peanut Leather

Some of the features that make these one of the finest pairs of boots on the planet include a classic moc-toe construction style, a Grizzly Peanut leather upper that will break in and age, a six eyelet design paired with lacquered antique brass eyelets for durability, a hand-stained leather midsole, and a Vibram mini-lux sole with strong traction. Should the sole ever give out a decade or so down the line, these boots are resoleable and can easily be hand-repaired.


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