16 Things We Want This Week: Sick Adventure Vehicles, New Golf Gear, And More!

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It’s time again for the ‘Things We Want’ round up of the best gear for men. It’s my weekly collection of the hottest gear I’ve come across from new releases to auctions, and practical to ultimate luxury items.

This weekly gear guides consists of Gear I desperately want in my life to things I’ll never be able to afford, I try and include a cross-section of everything here in the ‘Things We Want‘ roundup. I try to include all of the coolest and hottest gear of 2018 but sometimes things slip through the cracks.

If you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at cass@brobible.com.

The ZENVANZ Ultimate Adventure Vehicle

Several times a week I find myself daydreaming about living the ‘Van Life’. Selling off my house and belongings and buying a sick adventure van that I can live and work out of while traveling all across North America.

If I were ever able to pull the trigger and do that I’d be buying a ZENVANZ adventure vehicle. Whether you plan on traveling for a weekend, few weeks, or living out of the ZENVANZ it’s got everything, and it’s built in a modular style that enables you to move around structures as you see fit. Check it out!


Sawyer Select S3 Water Purifying Water Bottle

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Are you traveling to any new countries soon? Got any camping trips coming up? Any sort of outdoors activities where you might want a water-purifier on hand *just in case*? The Sawyer Select S3 Water Purifying Water Bottle is just what the doctor ordered.

This water bottle is water purification made easy. You just fill it up and within 10 seconds it purifies the water of viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and protozoa. This is a must-have for trips to Mexico or camping trips from Nicaragua on down to Brazil where there might be some nasty bacteria floating around in the river.

The Sawyer Select S3 can turn pond water into fresh, clean water that goes above and beyond EPA levels of safeness. The bottle comes in three sizes (all super affordable) and you can shop them all by following the link below!


Wilson Staff C300 Forged Irons (Steel)

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wilson staff

The C300 Forged Irons from Wilson Staff are the hottest new irons in the game. They feature Power Holes along the sole and toe which add distance and accuracy to your game at any level. These irons promise the ultimate level of feel and responsiveness.


Bushnell Golf Hybrid Laser Rangefinder + GPS

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Bushnell Golf

The all-new Hybrid from Bushnell Golf is a literal game changer. It’s both a GPS and rangefinder, and guarantees that you can zero in on the flag with pinpoint yardage accuracy.

The Bushnell Hybrid has the first-ever integrated GPS/Laser Display and gives pinpoint accuracy to the flag from up to 400-yards away. If you want to shave strokes off your game this is the perfect place to start.


New Shirts From Stance

things we want


things we want


We just passed National Underwear Day earlier this week so I wanted to put the latest from Stance Socks on your radar. I’m the ultimate fan of their socks, boxer briefs, and their new line of t-shirts.

Check ’em all out by following that link below and treat yourself to some new goods!


Silk Road Full Spectrum THC + CBD Oils (Over 18 Only)

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Silk Road

The Silk Road’s line of portable and discrete integrated THD+CBD devices just popped up on my radar and I find them to be pretty brilliant. These are disposable THC+CBD devices that you can carry on the go. They come in Relief (for pain/stress/anxiety), Relax (helps you unwind), and Focus (exactly what it sounds like). These formulas are brilliant and the flavors are delicious.

If the name ‘Silk Road’ rings a bell it’s not *that* Silk Road, the illegal marketplace that was taken down. This is a socially responsible company that operates licensed out of California.


Narke Electric Jetski

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Narke says this isn’t a jetski. They’re calling it the ‘world’s first electrojet’ but we can think of it as a jetski in order to wrap our heads around it.

It only takes 90 minutes for a full charge and the 60HP watercraft can reach top speeds of 35MPH with two passengers. There’s no price yet but I suspect it will be $$$$.


Prada’s Banana ‘Short-Sleeved Padded Shirt’ For $1,790

Do I actually classify this under ‘things we want’? Noooooo. Do I want you all to know that this exists? You’re damn right, I do.

The fact that Prada is selling a padded banana bowling shirt for nearly $1800 is blowing my mind and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share it with you all.


BOOKS: ‘Hacking Whiskey: Smoking, Blending, Fat Washing, and Other Whiskey Experiments’

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amazon / aaron goldfarb

This new book from author Aaron Goldfarb is poised to be the new bible of all things whiskey and it’s available for pre-order now (comes out next month).

It’s packed full of delicious whiskey recipes, stories, facts, and insider secrets into the world of whiskey. This makes for a perfect gift for any man alive.


Rumpl The Beer Blanket — Beer Can Sleeve

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You know what sucks about traditional koozies? Nothing, nothing at all. But this isn’t a koozie, is it?

The Beer Blanket from Rumpl comes in 5 colors and it’s a compressible/packable koozie-style beer blanket that you can travel with. It’s stain proof, has a stash pocket, and fits comfortably into your hand.


Valsfer Grasslamp For Decorating Your Bachelor Pad

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valsfer / amazon

Want to add a little class to your bachelor pad? Check out the Valsfer Grasslamp.

It’s not cheap, but you’re paying for the finest craftsmanship here and it’s the winner of “The Best Design Award” of Berlin Industrial Design.


1943 Dodge WC51 and 1943 Harley WL

Do you happen to have $69,500 laying around and want to own a piece of history? Here’s an excerpt from the listing on HymanLTD:

The entire grouping of Dodge, Harley and trailer are authentically represented and in excellent condition. The truck runs very well, with the prodigious low-end torque (which peaks at 1000 RPM) of the 230 cubic inch inline six, making it easy and enjoyable to simply leave in top gear and cruise around. The cabin is authentically represented with basic canvas seat cushions, minimal instrumentation and simple controls. The cargo box has built-in benches for carrying the “troops” and the canvas covers on the cab and cargo box are removable. Likewise, the Harley is exceptionally tidy, clean and very well presented, down to the correct lamps, leather rifle holster and canvas “blackout” covers.

Follow the link below to buy and/or check out more pics!


Rod-Runner Pro Fishing Portable Rod Caddy

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If you ever do any pier fishing, beach fishing, or fishing from the lake/river shore then this is a must-have. It enables you to carry multiple fishing rods at once, each rigged up with whatever type of tackle you choose.

This item carries up to 5 rods at once without tangling any of the lines. It’s also perfect to toss in the back of your truck or SUV to keep all of your gear neatly organized when heading to your fishing spot.


Classic Railroad Stripe Sneakers From SeaVees

SeaVees Hermosa Plimosoll Railroad Stripe Sneaker

This railroad stripe sneaker is here to inject some much-needed style into your stale wardrobe. The SeaVees 08/63 Hermosa Beach Plimsoll is a dope sneaker which pays homage to America’s first-ever skateboard contest which was held in Hermosa Beach, California in August of 1963.


Aluminum Ridge Wallet + Money Clip

Ridge Wallet Aluminum Slim Wallet Money Clip

It’s time to ditch that bulky wallet in your pocket that’s been falling apart for months (years?) and get with the times. The Ridge Wallet is an aluminum wallet + money clip combo that will block RFID skimming devices and keep your credit card information safe.

The Ridge Wallet holds between 1-12 cards (credit cards, IDs, etc) and the side clip will securely hold your cash in place. It features an ultra-slim profile that only weighs 2oz when empty.

This is perfect for freeing up pocket space and ensuring you’ve got the best wallet on the market.


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