Elderly Military Man Brings His 1960 Rolex To Antique Roadshow Expecting $1,500…Has His Mind BLOWN After Appraisal

This man was VERY wise to heed the advice of his sergeant when he was stationed in Germany during 1960. Before he left Germany his sergeant told him to buy a Rolex because they were the best watches around, and he purchased this 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex because he listened when his superior told him it was the best watch ever made.

He purchased the watch for only $120.35 (roughly the equivalent of $984 in today’s money), and the watch was manufactured in the first quarter for 1960. For reasons unbeknownst to the owner of this rare 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex, he saved all of the original paperwork. He saved the box. He saved the original watch band. He saved his receipt of purchase.

Without all of this information this 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex still would’ve appreciated in value from the $120 he purchased it for back in 1960, but with all of these documents and original paperwork, it makes this watch worth an insane amount. At the end of this clip, the elderly gentleman finds out that the Rolex he once purchased for only $120 is now worth somewhere between $65,000 to $75,000. That’s a pretty fantastic return on his investment, and considering that this gentleman thought his watch was only worth $1,500 it’s one heck of a payday.

I’ve never actually seen an episode of Antiques Roadshow. In fact, I don’t even know what channel the show’s on or if it’s even still on TV. After seeing this clip, though, I’m fairly interested in seeing what else people are showing up with and making $$$$$ on old junk.

(h/t r/videos)