4 High Quality Vaporizers For You To Burn Your Stickiest Of Icky Without All The Smoke

by 3 years ago


What you choose to burn inside of these vaporizers is up to you, if you’re an e-cig man who likes crushing that vapor and it’s helping you quit smoking cigarettes then by all means YOU DO YOU, bro. But if you’re trying to burn that green in a vaporizer and aren’t sure what to buy then let me toss out a few options for you because today we’ve got 4 vaporizers in the BroBible store, one of which is my all time favorite (PAX 2).

Funny story (not funny for me), I actually just acquired my second PAX 2 because my first one went missing out of my backpack at the gym. I don’t know if my second PAX2 works better than the first but I have to tell you bros that I’ve never owned a vaporizer that’s pulled this smooth before, and I’ve owned a shit ton…Seriously, I’ve got like 6 in my apartment, nobody tell the cops…please?

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