5 Booze Themed Gifts Every Bro Would Be Stoked To Find Under The Christmas Tree This Year

Last week I released my official 2015 BroBible Holiday Gift Guide ’50 Things We Want From Santa Claus This Christmas’ and I got a ton of positive feedback from you bros on that. I figured today was as good a day as any to follow that up with a micro-post focused on boozy themed items.

We’re currently featuring 4 great items in the BroBible shop and for good measure I’ve gone ahead and included the Rox Ice Ball Maker, one of the most popular items we’ve ever featured here on BroBible (perfect for ice balls to drink in your bourbon). So without further ado, let’s check out today’s Boozy products in the BroBible shop, from flasks to wine clubs to bottle openers and all things in between.

Rox Ice Ball Maker: $8.69

I know I included this item in last week’s ’50 Things We Want From Santa Claus’ Holiday Gift Guide For Bros but the overwhelmingly positive response from each and every one of you bros in regards to the Rox Ice Ball Maker made me think I just had to bring it back one final time. If you’re a bourbon drinker (and don’t always drink it neat) then you REALLY need one of these ice ball makers. Also, they’re only eight bucks, so you’d be a fool not to buy a set!

Click Here To Buy Your Rox Ice Ball Maker Today!!!

MakersKit ‘Classic Cocktails’ Bar Set: $29.99

Every bro needs to have a cocktail set handy when it’s time to throw down and make someone a high class cocktail. If you’re hosting a holiday party and/or putting your fancy pants on to drink then there’s NO EXCUSE for not having a cocktail set handy to make someone a drink. This set’s 34% off today and for sale in the BroBible shop.


iFlask: World’s First “Smart” Flask ($15.99)

There’s a new Genius Bar in town, and it’s serving up the good stuff. Meet iFlask. It’s discreet, holds up to 5 oz of your favorite beverage, and packs an emergency bottle opener. Bring it your next event or festival to save on your bar tab, or be the hit of this year’s White Elephant party with the greatest gift ever. Best of all, it does not support drunk dialing.

— Holds nearly 5 ounces of liquid
— Designed to look like a smartphone
— Built w/ an ABS & stainless steel frame
— Includes a built-in bottle opener
— Packs 3 disposable funnels to minimize spillage
Makes a perfect groomsmen gift, hint hint


Club W Wine Delivery: 3 Bottles ($26)

“The service works by assessing your likes and dislikes and then offering wines that match your palate. They also bring in a number of counselors to help you choose new wine,” TechCrunch

Here’s how it works:
— Visit Club W’s sites to answer a few questions about your taste in wine
— Let Club W find a few bottles you might like & pick any 3 from their “Featured Selection”
— Or ignore the suggestions all together and choose from the massive collection
— Learn something: each bottle comes with flavor notes, vineyard backstories, and food pairing ideas
— Enjoy free shipping, home delivery & amazing taste


Man Card Bottle Opener: 2-Pack ($19.99, 22% Off)

What’s manlier than steel? Steel that protects your wallet and opens your beer at the same time. That’s about as manly as it gets, and it goes by the name, Man Card. This stainless steel piece slides into your wallet to straighten out your cards and its inlaid mustache can crack open any beverage. That’s right, you’ve just been handed your Man Card for life.

— Made of durable stainless steel to outlast wear & tear
— Prevents bending of credit cards
— Easily portable, fits in any regular sized wallet
— Features an epic mustache that opens any bottle