8 Must-Have Fishing Lures That Should Be In Your Tackle Box Right Now

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best fishing lures 2017

We are in peak fishing season throughout most of the United States so I figured we’d take some time and look at the best fishing lures of 2017. Down here in Florida the snook are lined up on the beaches in big numbers. I caught my first bonefish last weekend down in the Florida Keys and the tarpon were rolling through in strong numbers. You can catch redfish throughout much of the state. The Largemouth Bass bite is on fire everywhere. If you can find chilly water streams there are still trout to be caught out West. The fishing is HOT, bros.

If you’re like me, you have a handful of tackle boxes and each of them is loaded up for different types of fishing. Since I don’t have a boat and the ability to shoot out offshore whenever I want I only keep tackle for inshore fishing here in Florida (snook, trout, redfish, tarpon), bass fishing, and trout fishing in upstate New York.

Fishermen typically don’t like to share what’s working for them but I’m feeling generous today, so I figured I’d share some of the lures today with you all which I’ve caught countless fish on over the years, as well as a few new lures which were introduced at ICAST 2017 this year and are supposed to be the future of fishing. I’m sure I’ll leave out some lures here that you swear by but that’s because I’m not out there fishing in your backyard, and there are only so many hours in the day to cover the best fishing lures around.

The Best Fishing Lures Of 2017: 8 Must Have Fishing Lures For Your Tackle Box


Best Fishing Lures: Gulp! Saltwater Shrimp

best fishing lures

Since Gulp! debuted their smelly lures years ago there hasn’t been a contender to come along that outfishes them. When it comes to inshore and shallow water fishing, the Gulp! Saltwater Shrimp is the best artificial fishing lure around. If this isn’t in your tackle box and you fish artificials for saltwater fish you need to reevaluate everything in life…That, and you need to buy some now by following that link below. Fish them with a DOA jig head with a red or white head, and a large black eye, and you’ll be catching more fish in not time at all.

Get It NOW: $5-$30

Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Floating Minnow

best fishing lures

Some anglers hate fishing with treble hooks but I swear by the Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow. Three hooks are better than one, and six hooks will lead to catching more fish. This lure comes in a wide variety of different patterns. You can try matching the pattern of the lure to the bait in the area or you can choose a pattern that will catch as much light as possible to trigger strikes and bring fish in. The only drawback of this lure is they typically retail for over $10 a piece and it’s a real pain in the butt when you lose one while fishing.

Get It NOW: $6-$28

Gary Yamamoto Senko Bait Rubber Worms

best fishing lures

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits are the GOLD STANDARD of rubber worms. I fish these for Largemouth Bass here in Florida and in upstate New York in the Adirondacks. I use different rigs, but I still catch a ton of fish in both states using these. You can catch pickerel, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, panfish, pumpkin seed, catfish, and a thousand ofer species that I don’t have enough time to mention today. I prefer to match the color of the worm relatively close to the water conditions, so I go with a dark green or a burgundy in most situations, but you can scroll around through Amazon’s listings and see what your options are.

Get It NOW: $5

The Headbanger Shad (Floating, Suspending, And Sinking)

best fishing lures

The all-new Headbanger Shad was debuted at ICAST 2017 and was widely received as being amongst the best new fishing lures of 2017. The Headbanger Shad comes in three styles: Floating, Suspending, and Sinking. This is supposed to be an absolute assassin for catching Muskie and Pike. There are 8 different patterns and each of the lures measures 9-inches long. You can shop all styles by following that link below.

Get It NOW: $29

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure

best fishing lures 2017

If you’re trout fishing and aren’t using live bait or fly fishing, this is what you should be tossing. Match the pattern of the bait to the type of trout that you’re fishing for (brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, etc etc) and you’ll be good to go. Instead of buying an individual lure you can also purchase 10-packs of variety colors on Amazon. I prefer to buy the individual lures because I don’t need half of what comes in the variety pack, but to each his own.

Get It NOW: $2-$20

Spro Fishing Bucktail Jig

best fishing lures

You absolutely NEED a handful of bucktail jigs in your tackle box, and you need them in a variety of colors. These are amongst the mosts versatile fishing lures on the planet and your tackle box isn’t complete without an array of different colored and weighted bucktail jigs.

Get It NOW: $3.50

Storm 360GT Searchbait Minnow Fishing

best fishing lures

This is a great all-purpose bait. The Storm 360GT Searchbait comes in a wide variety of styles for you to match to the local baitfish. You can fish this in freshwater and saltwater, and under a wide variety of conditions.

Get It NOW: $4

Rapala RipStop Minnow

best fishing lures

The Rapala RipStop Minnow is another bait that picked up a ton of attention at ICAST 2017. This comes in a ton of different patterns. Rapala is heralding this lure as their latest and greatest, and they’re one of the biggest names in the business so you know it’s legit. This creates a quick ripping action while being tugged through the water that will grab the attention of any predator fishing the area.

Get It NOW: $13


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