Sign Up Now And Save $50 On One Of The Most Extensive Adventure Photography Courses Online

Adventure Photography Course Manual

There are more than a few ways to excel in any endeavor. Some people choose to just dive right in and learn on the fly. Others prefer to learn from people who have already carved their niche in the field.

This Adventure Photography Workshop combines the two ideas for one comprehensive and extensive experience.

Alex Strohl’s photographs have been featured everywhere from National Geographic to Forbes and Vanity Fair. He’s partnered with Huckberry to offer a photography workshop that covers every aspect of taking photos, from how to shoot and edit, to the nitty-gritty of running your own personal photography business.

The Workshop Includes:

  • 35 Video Lessons: In five hours of HD video content, Alex explains his approach to photography with a three part tutorial on 1) how to shoot, 2) how to edit, and 3) how to manage the business side of things, including how to get noticed by brands and getting paid to travel the world
  • Six Presets: Get Alex’s six most used Adobe Lightroom presets and learn how to build your own
  • Workshop Manual: A downloadable PDF accompanies the workshop with module recaps, notes, tools and links to Alex’s favorite tools

Learn photography from one of the industry leaders and save $50 for signing up today. Who knows, you might end up teaching a class of your own someday.


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