The ‘All American’ Mullet Wig For Your Dog Is The Best $10 You’ll Ever Spend

by 3 years ago

Mullet on the Go

The ‘All American’ Mullet Wig for Dogs is quite possible the single greatest item sold on the Internet. You love dogs, you love your dog, you love America! Then why in the heck haven’t you purchased the ‘All American’ mullet wig for your dog yet? I’m serious here. Your dog likes to bro out too, and in order to successfully bro out your dog needs to a

Maybe you don’t own a dog, maybe your parents or your girlfriend or your roommate does. One thing’s for certain: whatever dogs are in your life are basically being mistreated if they don’t have this ‘All American’ wig to wear. How’s your dog bro supposed to feel like an alpha at the dog park when he’s not rocking an All American Mullet Wig?!?!? DO THE RIGHT THING and drop the $10 RIGHT NOW on Amazon, get a mullet wig for your dog, for your bro’s dog, for your parent’s dog…heck, get one for EVERY DOG YOU KNOW!!!

The All American


Mullet on the Go

Buy Here!

I suppose you could wear this wig yourself, but why would you want to deprive your dog of the chance to wear such a glorious mullet wig?

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