All Citizens Underwear Doesn’t Ride Up, Has Breathe Zones™ And Is The Most Advanced Boxer Briefs For Your Every Day

All Citizens Underwear review

Presented by All Citizens Underwear…

When it comes to underwear, many men think they’re stuck with wearing the same crap from middle school. But gone are the days of tighty whities and endless discomfort, because there’s a new way to feel nice and cozy all day long: All Citizens Underwear.

Look, I know you’re really tied to those boxer briefs that your mom bought for you in high school, but, be honest, they’re a) outdated AF, b) aren’t providing any support to your “boys” below the belt, c) ride up on you nonstop, and d) probably have a couple holes in them. Dude, you’re an adult, it’s time to snag something new.

When it comes to looking for the best underwear for men, All Citizens stakes its claim — and you’ll be happy you made the switch the moment you slide on a pair of these skivvies.


The All Citizens team set out on a mission to offer quality, performance and comfort for all, and they started by creating a pair of game-changing pair of boxer briefs with a meaningful point of difference. Well, mission accomplished, team, because their boxer briefs aren’t those cheap undies most guys are used to. Just take a look at some of the features that take their boxer briefs to the next level of comfort.

  • Grip Thighs stay put on your legs and don’t ride up
  • Mesh Breathe Zones for ventilation where guys need it most
  • Made with a high performance microfiber that’s moisture-wicking, quick-drying, has incredible 360° stretch and are pillow-like soft

Can your current undies claim to be all that? Uh, no. That’s why getting a few pairs of All Citizens means having a few pairs of the best underwear for men. Plus, they don’t cost more than a round of drinks, with a pair running for $15, or a whole week’s worth (7 pairs) for just $99 — which is half the price of other premium underwear brands.


All Citizens Underwear Review

You cant’ go wrong with a pair of All Citizens boxer briefs — they are the real creme de la creme and offer the best value and bang-for-your-buck underwear on the market.

Coming in three fits — Standard, Athletic and Longer fit — choose your style from either nine limited edition patterns or 12 classic colors to add a bit of personality to your every day. They packed tons of comfort-enhancing features into a single pair of best-in-class boxer briefs. Take note of some of their additional features

  • Quick-access fly allows for a fast and more natural movement when nature calls
  • Supremely soft microfiber that is breathable and featherlight
  • Anti-odor to keep you and your gym bag fresh
  • Moisture-wicking to manage sweat during any level of activity
  • Blended with spandex for 360° stretch and ease of movement
  • 6.5” inseam hits at the mid-thigh
  • Contoured double-layered pouch conforms naturally to the shape of your goods, provides a spacious fit and reduces the need to “re-adjust”
  • Mobility gusset allows for a greater range of motion and unrestricted movement
  • Easy care – machine wash cold and hang to dry – that’s it

The Paradise Pocket™ Boxer Brief

Their latest release, The Paradise Pocket™ boxer brief, offers life-changing comfort. The All Citizens team wasn’t done innovating yet — they’re always on a quest to push the boundaries of comfort and performance, and they’ve completely redesigned and reinvented the area that supports your twig and giggle berries with their launch of The Paradise Pocket™.

The Paradise Pocket™ is an all encompassing mesh cradle that provides anatomical separation between your “goods” and your thighs to prevent unwanted skin contact, stickage and friction. By wrapping around your boys and preventing skin-on-skin contact, the Pocket will completely eliminate the need to readjust. It truly is an unbelievable, life-changing experience.

Now that you’ve got all the info you need, stop reading and start shopping for your favorites by looking below, we’re I highlight a few of my favorite options to choose from.


The Standard Fit Boxer Brief – Limited Edition (Lazy Pandas)

The Standard Fit Boxer Brief (Gotham Black)

The Standard Fit Boxer Brief – Limited Edition (Captains of the Sky)

The Standard Fit Boxer Brief (Iron: Dark Gray)

The Standard Fit Boxer Brief – Limited Edition (Rainforest)

The Standard Fit Boxer Brief (Classic Blue)

No guy deserves to be uncomfortable beneath his pants all day long. By upgrading to All Citizens Underwear, they’ll provide the style and support you need most, while allowing maximum ventilation and performance in any adventure life throws at you. It’s time to do yourselves a favor and make the switch, fellas.



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