New Anti-Paparazzi Clothes Are So Cool Everyone Is Going To Want Them

Celebrities looking to stick it the paparazzi who are trying to take their picture at night are on the verge of having a cool new weapon at their disposal: the Flashback Collection by DJ Chris Holmes.

How are these anti-paparazzi clothes a weapon against getting your picture taken I hear you asking? Well, if any celebrity happens to be wearing an article of clothing from this planned fashion line the photographer will get nothing but “Thermonuclear Photobombs” as cleverly stated on the product’s Web site.

The reason for these “Thermonuclear Photobombs” is because the clothes, including a hoodie, suit, scarf and hat, are made up of “gazillions of super-reflective glass nanospheres.”

Unfortunately they aren’t in production yet but just in the crowdfunding stage. Should they ever be put into production though, one can only imagine it won’t be just celebrities who will want to have a little fun with these illuminating garments.

H/T 22 Words