This Stackable Aquarium Is A Hotel For Fish Because Why Just Spoil Dogs And Cats?

Fish aquarium hotel 1

Have you ever stared at the fish in your aquarium and thought “man, they must be bored as shit in there all day.” Well, they probably are bored when they’re not panicking that the giant face (yours) is going to devour their body whole.

There’s no way to make the fish have more fun but these stackable fish hotels will make your fish watching way more exciting.

Fish aquarium hotel 1

The Umbra Fishhotel aquarium is an award-winning modern home for your finned friends. Modelled after a contemporary condominium, this reinvented aquarium features a sleek white shell with assymetrical windows. Individual units can be stacked to create a condo effect. Glass bowl is removable for cleaning.

These aquariums are cool to stare at and will make your house guests ask questions like “is that a damn fish hotel?!?”


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