Attention Lumberjacks And Badasses: Carhartt Has A Beer Now And It Is Delicious

I love Carhartt. I love Carhartt passionately. I love Carhartt so much that last Thanksgiving, while visiting my family in my hometown in Pennsylvania, I went to a Tractor Supply store where I bought five different color combinations of knit Carhartt winter hats for the winter (I lose hats like crazy). They’re the warmest, most comfortable hats on the market and they’re only about $8 a pop. I spent $40 and wore one every single day for about five months. You know how much five hats at REI or Patagonia or Urban Outfitters would have cost? At least $150, if not more. For Christmas, I received a Carhartt jacket. Unpretentious and much, much warmer than a peacoat, it’s was the best gift a Bro could have for the brutal winter we had in NYC last year. If you’re a construction worker, woodsman who knows his way around a Stihl, or urban office slave like myself just looking for some cheap, rugged gear to stay warm, Carhartt is the shit.

Now that you know my excitement for all things Carhartt, I have to tell you that I’m pretty stoked to learn that they’ve partnered up with Michigan’s New Holland Brewing Company to make an unpretentious pale ale. It’s called the Carhartt Woodsman and it’s a barrel-aged American pale ale that’s heavy on the toasted oak and sweet, malty deliciousness. It’s a craft beer for the working man who knows how to get his hands dirty, not just some jabroni who puts on overalls and takes Instagram pics of how impressive his well-manicured beard is. It’s beer for folk who know the lyrics to every single song on The Grateful Dead’s Workingman’s Dead by heart.

And, hot damn, it’s good.

Not sure how much a six-pack is going to be. Let’s hope they keep it just around the price of their winter hats, around ~$8.




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