From Speakers To Booze, A Lazy Bro’s Guide To Automating Your Home

We get it – your Tesla’s great and all, but what’s a futuristic car without a futuristic home?  In recent years home automation has become more and more integrated into visually compelling additions to the modern household.  These additions have been exponentially simplified in usage with mobile apps and high-definition interfaces.

Gentlemen, it’s time to up the ante and take your home into the next generation.  Put that Iron Man suit away and return those videotapes later, we’ve got some work to do.

Get rid of your clunky speakers from college and get modern with it

Your mediocre desktop speakers or iHome that’s been exposed to three oceans abroad just ain’t cutting it anymore. New multi-purpose speakers like the Sonos PLAY:1 or the new Beats Pill+ have introduced a paradigm shift in affordable speakers for any occasion. Whether you’re back on the beach or Spotify DJing the bi-annual-roommate-kickback, these options pack the bass and the ease necessary to connect your entire music library into the new year.

Make your thermostat less lame  

I know what you’re thinking – does my apartment have a thermostat? If the answer is yes, get on that Tony Stark level and get one you can control with an app like the Nest. Just watch what happens when you turn up that heat for your next hot date.

Get your house secured like a Terminator production factory

Now that you’ve got your R2D2, a speaker upgrade, and a dope thermostat – why stress all day at work over the thought that you didn’t lock your door? It’s time to up your defense game. Now available are affordable security camera setups like the Lorex or the all-in-one Vivint Smart Protect that can lock that door from work and only ask for a small monthly fee.  You’re basically hiring a paid intern that you don’t need to give college credit.

Best friends dig automation too, you know

Maybe you’re not at the stage of your career where you can afford a maid. That’s no reason not to provide your dog with a similar love, though! Petnet’s Smartfeeder does exactly just that. Now you can schedule your dog or cat’s (..if you’re that weird kinda bro) eating habits from the convenience of your phone.

Get shaded

Bro, are you finna be basic or are you tryna get shaded? Get some automated blinds installed in your house for that subtle flex in the morning, for when you call in late and close the blinds all from your phone. She’ll dig it, trust.

When it comes to movie night – go big or go home

Why stop at the blinds? Projectors and projection screens have become super affordable and keen for any room with some shade n’ chill going on.

Want an R2D2 in your life? Go ahead and get one

Are you done bro’ing out on comment feeds over just why R2D2 awoke at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? (Spoilers, sorry not sorry.) Well stop fantasizing and get one of your own.  There are now devices like the Amazon Echo that not only rock the R2D2 look but will do everything from tell you the weather to turn off the house lights and make you look like you’re a Jedi.

Get your own personal bartender

Monsieur is a drink dispensing machine that mixes up speciality cocktails at the press of the button. It serves up themed specialties, makes recommendations based on previous choices and even suggests a double if you come home late from work.

TJ Farhadi is seriously concerned with anything having to do with automation and AI. In addition to seeking out the latest and greatest technologies, he loves kayaking across Lake Union. TJ is a regular contributor to