8 Items Every ‘Back to the Future’ Fan Must Own

As any Back to the Future II fan knows, this year we will finally reach the date which Marty McFly landed in from 1985. Many of the promises made to us by the film are sadly not going to come through in time (self tying shoelaces? Widely available flying cars?) – but a lot of them have been put into development already. Although Nike’s self-lacing shoes and the many rumored hover boards are not going to make it, when October 21st comes around, you’ll want to look the part of a true Back to the Future II fan. Here’s some of the gear you can get your hands on now to recreate the future!

Hill Valley High School T-Shirt


Cafe Press

Show your school allegiance with this design from Cafe Press. Wear it as a t-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt, or hoodie. Starting from around $19, this is a subtle way to celebrate the movie. It’s the kind of shirt that looks like any other to those who don’t know the reference. Those who do get it, however, will be your new best friends. High fives all round.

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Marty’s Iridescent Baseball Cap


Diamond Select

This is the cap Marty wears in the future, and boy is it shiny. So, so shiny. For around $24.99 plus postage, you can order a replica of the movie prop via Amazon. Alternatively, for over $700, you can get a replica signed by Michael J Fox (but wearing that one is not recommended).

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Model DeLorean With Mr. Fusion


Hot Wheels

This one is for the serious collector – a 25cm long (1/18th) replica of the De Lorean from the movie, complete with the Mr Fusion power unit. It even comes with a mini hover board. Now that’s just cute. At a cost of $116, there is only one thing this should be used for: Vines re-enacting scenes from the movie. You have officially been challenged. There’s also a less expensive version (no hoverboard included) for $39.99 if $116 is too rich for you blood.

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A Real (?) Hover Board



For $48.95, you can get your hands on a real, life sized hover board. Well, real in the sense that it looks just like Marty’s. For $48.95, you aren’t going to be hovering anywhere (does not fly). It seriously looks the part, though, so it’s a great addition to a costume or just something to stick up on the wall.

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Marty’s Jacket



If you’ve got $279 on hand, you can pick up a replica of Marty’s self drying, self adjusting jacket (available via eBay auction). Although it doesn’t self adjust… or self dry. Bonus points: Playmate Kimberly Phillips wore one in a Playboy shoot celebrating 25 years of Back to the Future. Maybe you can even convince your friends it’s the same one. If $279 sounds like too much for you then you can purchase a replica on Amazon by following the link below.

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‘Back to the Future II’ Mr. Fusion Replica



We should have one of these for real by now, but never mind – you can get a scaled 18” replica of Mr Fusion for your own home, even if it won’t kick out free energy. It’s on sale now at $324.03, and with only 366 made, it’s actually a bit of a steal. Just don’t try to leave actual garbage lying around in it.

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Back to the Future Pinball Machine


Liberty Games

Alright, this is the one right here. Who wouldn’t want a vintage pinball machine with a Back to the Future design?! It was released in 1990, and you can now have your own reconditioned model for just $5965. With additional overseas shipping fees. Yup, it’s a bargain! I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right: this would look awesome in the pool house.

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Outties Jeans



Here’s one item that might have to stay on the wishlist. One man from Ireland set out to make the dream come true, creating outties jeans which have belt loops, pockets, and the fly all on the right side. For $97 per pair, this was surely a fantastic alternative to the inconvenience of simply turning jeans inside out. Sadly, the Kickstarter campaign to launch these didn’t reach its target – but we’re keeping an eye on creator Ross O’Mullane just in case.

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