This All-In-One Tool For Your Bar Has Everything You’d Ever Need To Make A Drink, AND It’s On Sale!


Barbarian Bar Tools

I’ll admit that I hate clutter when it comes to most things in life. I hate owning 5 tools when there’s one tool that can do the work of those 5, and I hate having a drawer full of non-sensical bar tools that I only use maybe once every other year when I have friends over and make elaborate cocktails. That’s why I’m stoked as hell to discover The Barbarian Bar Tool because 1) it has everything I ever use to make drinks and it’s all in one convenient tool and 2) it’s marked down 16% off right now and I LOVE saving money (as I’m sure you bros do too). Let’s check it out:


Barbarian Bar Tools

Let’s keep this simple. If you like to mix drinks, you will love this tool. The Swiss Army knife of bar tools, the Barbarian takes a traditional citrus press and adds eight other essential bar tools, all in a simple, compact design. From opening a bottle of wine to zesting up a drink, this is the all-encompassing tool you need for your bar.

— Citrus press squeezes limes, lemons, oranges & more
— Jigger measures .5 oz, 1 oz, or 1.5 oz
— Zester allows you to add texture & flavor to any concoction
— Channel knife is perfect for slicing citrus rinds
— Bottle opener, corkscrew & lever will open any bottle
— Can lance lets you puncture tin cans quickly & safely
— Citrus & 1 inch knives give you more options for cutting fruit