Use This Styling Tool And You’ll Never Screw Up Your Beard Again


Winter beards are still in full effect but that doesn’t mean a bro should completely stop trimming and grooming. A nice full face growth is fine but letting the hair run wild in places it shouldn’t is unnecessary and unsightly.

Growing a beard is easy. Keeping it shaped up is hard. Here are just some of the beard style mistakes men make in the shaving and trimming process. Some guys trim too low on the cheek and look like a member of a 90s boy band. Some guys trim too high on the neckline and look like fat leprechauns. There’s a delicate balance for face follicles.

RevoBeard Beard Styling Template will ensure you never screw up trimming your beard again. The innovative design of the RevoBeard has tapered edges allow a smooth and easy cut while shaving. RevoBeard has a variety of different styles and functions such as curve cut, step cut, neckline, and goatee. And don’t worry about sizing. RevoBeard’s design and flexible material allows a one-size-fits-all functionality.


Trim the beard up evenly, slap on some essential beard oils, and you’re good to face the world.

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