10 Of The Best Men’s Everyday Carry Essentials That Won’t Break The Bank

best affordable everyday carry items for men

Like everything in the free market, within the realm of everyday carry gear you can spend as much or as little as you want on individual items. But just because you have the option fo spending a fortune on everyday carry items doesn’t mean you have to in order to purchase the best gear around.

It is for that reason that I’ve pieced together this hand-picked collection of the best affordable everyday carry items for men. I’ve chosen some apparel, gear, accessories, and everything in between. Each of these everyday carry items is here to improve your daily life in some meaningful way so let’s check ’em out!

First up, we check out a unique Deejo Knives pocket knife with a sick blade tattoo. These are some of the most customizable knives on the planet, they are super light, and ideal for everyday carry. They allow you to pick a unique ‘tattoo’ to make the knife your own as well as choosing the blade and handle features.

Here we are looking at the Dalton Leather Chukka by Shoe the Bear. These premium leather chukkas are handmade in Portugal by expert craftsman. Portugal has supplanted Italy as the world’s epicenter for fine leather boots and these are proof of that. The full-grain leather gives you a soft feel and quality look straight out of the box. These boots can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, casual or fancy, whatever the occasion calls for.

best affordable everyday carry items for men

The Wellen Slub Flannel in Navy/White Plaid is a 100% organic cotton shirt that looks great and feels even better on your body. The textured cotton has a loose slubby weave that just feels better on your arms and chest that anything you’re used to. I know that might sound strange but it’s true, it just feels great wearing this shirt.

The Flint and Tinder 365 Pants come in 11 colors for you to choose from. They also come in Slim or Straight styles. These pants are cut like a jean but have the feel of chinos and they’re made with a 2% Spandex so they act like a performance pant with a full range of motion.

Up next we’ve got Fulton & Roark solid fragrances. The Solid Fragrance Sample Pack (only $16) includes 8 premium fragrances which enables you to familiarize yourself with these stellar scents. They apply much more evenly than typical fragrances and last longer. These are ideal for staying fresh after working out and they’re more portable than typical cologne because you don’t have to worry about a glass bottle shattering.

best affordable everyday carry items for men

The Mehlville by The James Brand is a dual-compartment carabiner that’s perfect as an EDC keychain. It is machined from a solid block of aluminum and the anodized finish ensures it won’t break down and corrode like cheaper options. It also has a notch for opening bottles!

This stunning Serica W.W.W. WMB Edition Watch was designed in collaboration with photographer and author Matt Hrane who wrote the book A Man & His Watch. The W.W.W. stands for ‘Wrist. Watch. Waterproof.’ which is an acronym used by the British Army in 1945 and that acronym lives on today in the watch world. This watch runs on a Swiss-made ETA 2801-2 mechanical movement, is water-resistant up to 330 feet, and the case is made from premium 316L stainless steel. This is a stylish everyday watch that’s built to last you a lifetime but unlike other mechanical movement watches this doesn’t cost several thousand dollars.

The Event Horizon Spin Coin by J.L. Lawson & Co. is perfect for someone like me who always needs to fidget. This 99.9% pure blackened iron coin is minted in the USA and has a ceramic ball contact that’s legitimately wild in design. This coin is capable of spinning up to 15 minutes with almost zero practice.

best affordable everyday carry items for men

We round it out today with the Stanley Classic Easy Fill Wide Mouth Flask (8oz). With this flask you’ll always be able to have a nip of the hooch on hand for special occasions. Sure, you could use this for water or coffee but it’s also a great companion for whiskey lovers.

The Triage Kit by Uncharted Supply Co. is one of the most robust and comprehensive (compact) first-aid kits that money can buy. Uncharted doesn’t mess around when it comes to first aid and this kit is proof of that. Over 100 outdoor experts were consulted in the creation of this and they compiled a collection of the most commonly packed survival items. You can click here for a full rundown of what’s inside.

Let us take a look at all of this year’s best everyday carry gear one more time. You can shop the full collection and/or pick and choose any of your favorites by following the product links underneath the image below!

best affordable everyday carry items for men

[1] Deejo Knives with Customizable Tattoo [$70]

[2] Dalton Leather Chukka by Shoe the Bear [$161]

[3] Wellen Slub Flannel in Navy/White Plaid [$88]

[4] Flint and Tinder 365 Pants [$72]

[5] Fulton & Roark Solid Fragrances [$16+]

[6] The Mehlville by The James Brand [$60]

[7] Serica W.W.W. WMB Edition Watch [$540]

[8] Event Horizon Spin Coin by J.L. Lawson & Co. [$26]

[9] Stanley Classic Easy Fill Wide Mouth Flask (8oz) [$25]

[10] The Triage Kit by Uncharted Supply Co. [$50]

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