Ranking The Best Backyard Golf Games For Barbecues, Tailgates, And Day Drinking

Here at BroBible, our editorial mission is to bring you products and stories that make your life more chill. It’s a modus operandi we eat, sleep, and breathe every single day, all day long. That’s why we love the cornhole + beer pong + golf craze that’s taken the Internet like storm this summer. It seems like every week or two another golf-inspired party game takes the Internet by storm — First it was Chippo with a MONSTER Kickstarter campaign in February, then it was Putter Pong, which is like skeeball, beer pong, and putt-putt all in one.

The best part about these games? You can play them with friends and almost no skill is required. It’s as easy as cornhole or beer pong, meant to be played at the beach or in the backyard while you crack open a couple cold ones with the boys. All of these are the perfect gift for that golfer-in-the-family who’s impossible to buy for.

Because this space is getting more and more crowded every day, we put together a buying guide to the best backyard golf games. If you love golf and a good time with the squad, need at least one of these at your next tailgate, barbecue, or beach party.


The original. The inspiration for this entire craze. The heavyweight champion of chipping games. Chippo will always have a soft spot in our hearts for being the most-Brotastic of the Bro-tastic chipping games. Get out the chipping wedge and hit the foam balls to the three distinct, netted holes.

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BUY IT NOW: $159:99!



Putter Pong was created by three fraternity brothers who had the desire to combine two of their favorite activities: putting and skeeball. But let’s be real — You see that pyramid of holes and automatically think “beer pong.”  It comes with a detachable putter and 4 golf balls so you’re ready to start playing out of the box.

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BUY IT NOW: $129



The latest player in the market. Beer Pong Golf, a backyard/tailgate/beach game that combines beer pong with cornhole. You chip a golf ball at a board with a rack of beer pong cups. It’s also customizable with a place for plaques for your favorite sports team — perfect for tailgating.

Beer Pong Golf is currently exploding on Kickstarter, raising over $64,000 in just a few days, with over a month to go. Estimated delivery is in October.

BUY IT NOW: $135



The thinking for TEEBAGS is pretty simple: Most people don’t really need more cornhole boards in their garage or basement. But a golf mat that you can put on an existing cornhole board and turn it into a chipping product? Brilliant! That’s the TEEBAGS value prop as a Kickstarter product — You get a mat for your cornhole board and a chipping mat, then it’s time to rip ’em by yourself or with your buddies.

BUY IT NOW: Starts at $59