PUTT-PUTT + BEER PONG = PUTTER PONG, Your New Favorite Day Drinking Game

Here at BroBible, we’re huge, huge, huge fans of Chippo, the summer tailgating/day-drinking game that combines golf chip shots with cornhole. There’s a new player in the golf tailgating game niche that just caught our interest: Putter Pong, a game that’s tests your short game with a beer pong-like ramp. It’s basically putt putt + beer pong, complete with a little ramp that feels like it’s a part of a mini-golf course.

The game was created by three fraternity brothers who had the desire to combine two of their favorite activities: putting and skeeball. But let’s be real — As a Bro, you see that triangle and automatically think “beer pong.”

We’ve teamed up with the dudes at Putter Pong to offer a special discount for BroBible readers — 5% off, applied with the code BROBIBLE.


BUY IT NOW: $129

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