The Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers For Every Type Of Budget

Best Cold Brew Makers

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Making cold brew doesn’t take any special knowledge. All it takes is good coffee, a little bit of proper measurement, patience, and of course, a cold brew maker.

The cold brew coffee maker is the central computer to the entire cold brew process. Throw in your variables and let the machine equate the perfect cup and and wallah! You have deliciously chilled coffee.

The caveat is there are tons of cold brew makers on the market right now. With price ranges of $20 to $200, and makers the size of pitchers to 4-ft tall glass towers, you’re bound to risk your entire cold brew experience by simply going for the first maker that looks good enough.

So to steer you in the right direction, here’s a carefully vetted cold brew coffee makers list for every type of coffee enthusiast.

Osma Cold Brew Maker

Best Cold Brew Makers

Aside from making cold brew, Osma works as a sort of espresso maker at the same time, which is why we love this coffee machine. The Osma uses patent-pending technology to press a great cup of coffee out in 2 short minutes. There’s no heat in the process, thus voiding the loss of healthy compounds cold brew is known for. To create a cup of actual cold brew, you can grab a cup of ice and pour the coffee concentrate over it to get a brew resembling that of an espresso. On the flip side, you can make an Americano by pouring the coffee into a cup of hot water. We call that duality at its finest.


Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher

Best Cold Brew Makers

Hario’s Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher is a 1000ml capacity heatproof glass decanter that makes cold brew for pennies on the dollar. They add a reusable stainless steel strainer for the coffee to sit in overnight, so no filters are needed. We chalk this up to a maker crafted with premium materials and designed in a sleek shape. We highly recommend Hario.


TAKEYA Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best Cold Brew Makers

Easy-to-use, wallet-friendly, and made with glass, the TAKEYA holds 1 quart of cold brew and includes a reusable fine mesh coffee filter. Our favorite features include the pitcher’s air-tight seal and non-slip silicone handle.


Hatfields NitroPress Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best Cold Brew Makers

Making high-quality nitro cold brew is super easy with this NitroPress from Hatfields. Nitrogen is a popular addition to many cold brew drinks because it creates a nice frothy texture without using dairy or other additives—it elevates the drink, so to say. And while you might find nitro cold brew at your local coffee shop, it can be difficult to recreate the drink at home, where it’s significantly cheaper to consume. With the NitroPress, all you have to do is take the canister, fill it with the cold brew of your choice, apply the top with an inserted nitrogen cartridge, and then tip over and slowly pour yourself a cup.


Bodum Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best Cold Brew Makers

For those venturing out into cold brew but don’t want to spend more than $15, this cold brew maker is for you. Like we said earlier, the process of making cold brew is fairly simple. Fill the pitcher with coffee grounds, pour over them with water until the pitcher is full, and let it sit overnight. Simply put, the Bodum Bean will get the job done and will let you decide if you wish to go further into your cold brew journey.


GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best Cold Brew Makers

For a stationary cold brew setup, we love this Nitro Cold Brew Maker from GrowlerWerks. The company uses their signature uKeg to hold the cold brew and stores it until you wish to pour yourself a nice cup of nitro cold brew. It’s temperature-controlled and produces cold brew on the spot, a victory for us who like to save time from having to make a new pitcher every few days.


Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser

Best Cold Brew Makers

Great cold brew can be boiled down to science. If you get your measurements right with the coffee grinds and water, then you can recreate your favorite cup each time. The measurements on the side of this glass cold brew maker are what caught our eye the most here. Oh, and it also works as a tea infuser—cheers for duality once again!


Yama Glass Cold Brew Maker Large Capacity Cold Brew Coffee Tower

Best Cold Brew Makers

Want to kick it up a notch? Well here you go. The Yama is an all-glass cold brew drip coffee station that turns the brewing process into art. You’ll start at the top, where the chilled water will come down over the grounds to activate, and then the coffee moves down into the super cool glass swirl to slow-drip into the beaker at the bottom. It’s essentially a really cool way to create artisan coffee in cold brew form.


Cuisinart DCB-10 Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker

Best Cold Brew Makers

If you’re used to traditional coffee pots, then this cold brew pot from Cuisinart requires no learning curve. Fill the tank with water and watch the maker go to work. The glass carafe at the top will create up to 7 cups, and you can have a cup made within 25-45 minutes once the process starts. The filter is reusable stainless steel, too.


Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best Cold Brew Makers

Similar to that of the Ovalware maker, Bean Envy uses measurements to get your cold brew fit to your liking. Bean Envy also uses a glass body and a stainless steel tap and filter. The best features? It’s budget-friendly and comes with a silicone base to avoid slipping on the counter.


County Line Kitchen Durable Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker

Best Cold Brew Makers

Well-priced and incredibly straightforward in use, County Line has a great cold brew maker you can apply to a mason jar. Just pop in the stainless steel filter and apply the screw cap top and lets the coffee do its thing. And if you’ve got the right sizes of mason jars lying around, you can make multiple jars and cap them for gifting to friends and family.


Wherever you are on your cold brew journey, it’s best to get the cold brew coffee maker that works for you. What all of these picks have in common is they’re made with premium materials, they’re simple in use, and they’ll make an amazing cup of cold brew for a fraction of the price you’d pay at the coffee shop.

Get the cold brew maker of your liking and brew on. Brew on to your heart’s content.

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