The 15 Best Every Day Carry Flashlights Perfect For Every Budget And Every Need

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Best Every Day Carry Flashlights

A flashlight is something you don’t realize you need until, well, until you really need it. That’s when you realize that an every day carry flashlight is a pretty damn good idea. I mean, after all, you never know when you’re going to need to shine a little light on things. Ahem, sorry.

What I’m not sorry for, though, is giving all of you, my dear friends, all these every-day carry flashlight choices. So, pick one out, click on through and step into the light with these 15 best every day carry flashlights, all of which can be yours for less than $50.

ThruNite Ti3

With a max output of 120 lumens (basically, how bright your flashlight can get) and three adjustable brightness settings, this flashlight can shine up to 50 meters, which should be more than enough for most jobs. And the best part? It fits right on your keyring. It’s listed as “Amazon’s choice” for a reason.

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Streamlight ProTac 2L

Two lithium ion batteries ensure that this flashlight will last longer than its AA or AAA powered cousins, and with a max of 350 lumens it should shine bright for as long as you need it to. It’s also waterproof up to one meter for up to a half hour, and given that it is by far the most heavily reviewed every-day carry flashlight on Amazon, you need not have any worries about its quality.

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SureFire G2X

320 lumens make this a more than solid flashlight, but what really sets this one apart is its toughness. The LED emitter is described as “virtually indestructible” and the Nitrolon body means that this won’t scratch or crack no matter what you do to it. I’m not recommending you use it as a whooping stick because that would be wrong. I’m just saying that you could.

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Olight Mini AA Flashlight

One AA size lithium ion battery packs up to 600 lumens into this tiny yet powerful flashlight. It also has a range of up to 118 meters and is waterproof to two meters. And if that’s not enough, it also comes with a 5-year warranty. This little dude is a certified badass.

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TACTICAL PEN Self Defense Weapon and Flashlight

Okay, so this isn’t strictly a flashlight. It’s actually a pen that doubles as a flashlight, and, uh, triples as a self-defense weapon. Basically, this is what the concept of “every-day carry” was made for. This is a great every-day tool that you’ll find yourself using again and again and the flashlight is perfect for shining into those little nooks and crannies.

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Solaray Mini-Pro 1

Okay, so this flashlight isn’t the most powerful with an output of 30 lumens, but it is tiny at about three inches, and most importantly, it’s cheap as hell. I mean, you can buy this for a cost of a Big Mac meal.

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LuxPower Tactical Flashlight

400 lumens help explain this flashlight’s popularity and high ratings, along with zoom modes which allow you to shine a floodlight or a focused spotlight depending on your needs. But maybe the coolest part of this deal is that when you buy one, they send you a second one for free.

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Nitecore TIP

This flashlight is unique because, well, because it doesn’t really look like a flashlight. That shape and build makes it both lighter and more versatile than more conventional flashlights as you can use it anywhere from your keychain to a work helmet. At 360 lumens that shine 81 yards it’s more than powerful enough and if the lithium ion battery starts to falter just charge it up with the USB charging attachment.

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Moobibear Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

This is a really great deal because you get a pretty powerful flashlight (up to 800 lumens shining up to 200 meters) and you also get a mini version that you can just add to your keychain. That mini is still plenty powerful with a 350 lumen output up to 180 meters.

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Hausbell Mini LED Tactical Flashlight

At 300 lumens, this is a good flashlight, but this is actually not just one flashlight, but an eight-pack. That’s right, eight mini flashlights, all of them quality. Carry one every day, but also stash a few around the house or in your car or anywhere you might need one. I mean, after all, what are you gonna do when the lights go out and you’re buck naked on the toilet? Don’t laugh. It can happen.

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Wailond U8 LED Flashlight

This flashlight is a badass. With a crazy 900 lumen max output that shines up to 1,000 feet, you’ll be able to see crystal clear across the length of three football fields. It’s also water-resistant and designed for use in heavy rain or snow, plus it’s USB chargeable, so… yeah, this flashlight kills it.

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Coast G19 LED Inspection Flashlight

This flashlight is designed for one thing: inspecting small, hard to get to areas like a furnace or your car engine. It only shines at 54 lumens, but that’s because that’s all it needs to do. It’s the size of a pen and is made for when you’re already close but need to see in the tiny spaces regular light just can’t get to.

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Lumen Tactical Fenix

1,000 lumens. That’s all I’m gonna say here because, really, do I need to say anything else?

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Akale Rechargeable Flashlight

Speaking of 1,000 lumens… that’s this flashlights max output. It’s also USB rechargeable and water resistant, all of which adds up to one of the best every day carry flashlights on the market.

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BlueFire LED Flashlight

Water resistant, zoomable, low price… these are great features. So are 1200 lumens. Yes, you read that right. 1200 lumens. That makes this small flashlight an absolute powerhouse on par with many bigger, more expensive and cumbersome flashlights. Maybe it’s a ridiculous exaggeration to say that this flashlight is like having the sun in the palm of your hands. Or maybe the sun is just God’s BlueFire Flashlight.

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