10 Affordable Everyday Carry Essentials On Sale Right Now So You Can Save Some Money

best everyday carry gear on sale today

This collection of everyday carry essentials is all about helping you save some money. Each of these premium everyday carry items is currently on sale so you can refresh your gear without spending a fortune. You can shop the full collection or pick and choose your favorites by following any of the links below!

First up today is the Zodiac Grandville Watch which is on sale for only $246 compared to the usual $495 price tag. This watch is 100% Swiss construction and a style that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

The Mohinders Men’s City Slippers are on sale for just $131 (usually $165). These are handmade using ‘Cavani’ weaving style and made from locally sourced and naturally tanned water buffalo.

best everyday carry gear on sale today

The Wellen Hemp Polo comes in a few different colors for you to choose form. This polo is only $37 instead of the usual $58 and the hemp fiber gives it a really cool look compared to cotton.

You can pair that polo with the Onia Elastic Calder Piping Trunks which have a classic chino cut but modern construction. These are 50% off, only $65 instead of the usual $130, an absolute steal!

The Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 24L backpack is $50 off today. This is a perfect everyday backpack or one that you can use as a daypack or carry-on travel bag. The ultra-tough 500D Cordura ensures that this bag will last you years to come.

best everyday carry gear on sale today

Up next, we check out a unique everyday carry pocket knife from Deejo Knives which features a dope custom blade tattoo. These are some of the most customizable knives on the planet, they are super light, and ideal for everyday carry. They allow you to pick a unique ‘tattoo’ to make the knife your own as well as choosing the blade and handle features.

The Cattamarra Teton Double Wallet is definitely built for a niche audience but this is one of the finest artisan-made leather wallets around. This wallet’s marked down $70 right now and a steal if you are in the market for quality craftsmanship.

The M.100 – 17-in-1 Multi-Tool is a perfect everyday carry tool. It’s loaded up with all sorts of tiny tools you can use in your daily life and it’s just $27 right now (usually $40).

best everyday carry gear on sale today

We round it out with the Sennheiser HD450 Wireless Headphones. These offer up some of the best sound quality that money can buy and they’re only $149 right now instead of $200. At that price point they can’t be beaten.

Last up is the OtterBox Elevation 20 Tumbler which is only $23 today (usually $30). This sweat-resistant tumbler has durable stainless steel construction that is built to last a lifetime. It will keep your cold drinks ice-cold all day long thanks to the internal copper lining that maintains temperature.

Let us take a look at all of this year’s best everyday carry gear one more time. You can shop the full collection and/or pick and choose any of your favorites by following the product links underneath the image below!

best everyday carry gear on sale today

[1] Zodiac Grandville Watch [$246, usually $495]

[2] Mohinders Men’s City Slippers [$131, usually $165]

[3] Wellen Hemp Polo [$37, usually $58]

[4] Onia Elastic Calder Piping Trunks [$65, usually $130]

[5] Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 24L [$116, usually $165]

[6] Deejo Knives Pocket Knife w/ Custom Blade Tattoo [$70, save on select styles]

[7] Cattamarra Teton Double Wallet [$125, usually $195]

[8] M.100 – 17-in-1 Multi-Tool [$27, usually $40]

[9] Sennheiser HD450 Wireless Headphones [$149 usually $200]

[10] OtterBox Elevation 20 Tumbler [$23, usually $30]

I hand-pick a collection of 10 Everyday Carry Essentials each day for you gentlemen and try to keep it as fresh as possible around here. Each day’s roundup of the best everyday carry gear for men includes a combination of apparel, accessories, and gear that are meant to have an immediate impact on your daily life. You can pick and choose your favorites from the collection or shop the complete set, whatever’s best for you. And if you happen to have any accessories or apparel that you believe deserves to be featured here you can always hit me up on Twitter at @casspa or email at cass@brobible.com.


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