15 Sweet Deals On The Best Flasks For Every Occasion

best flasks

A good flask is like a best friend – no, better than a best friend. It’s always by your side, you can take it anywhere, and you can, uh, drink from it. Okay, so that analogy fell apart, but the point remains: flasks are awesome.

But, sadly, not all flasks are created equal. Some are too small, some are too big. Some leak, and, well, some will get taken away when you get frisked trying to enter a concert or game. You need the right flask for the right occasion, and we’re here to help.

So, just pick out the flask that’s right for you (possibly more than one, depending on what you’ll be doing), click on through and you’re ready to roll. These are 15 killer flasks for every occasion.

Stanley Classic Flask

Solid, dependable, nothing flashy about it… this is a man’s flask, the sort of flask you can slip inside your flannel in between ax swinging (please don’t drink and ax.) It’s a standard 8oz size, it has a wide mouth, which helps with both drinking and filling up, and the cap is attached by a lanyard so you won’t lose it.

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BarMe Shot Flask

This stainless-steel flask has a classic look, but it also comes with a collapsible shot glass built into it and a funnel to make pouring easier for those moments when you want to do, say it with me – Shots! Shots! Shots! – instead of drinking in the corner by yourself like a seedy degenerate. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Zippo Flask

This little beauty is perfect for when you just want to slip a couple nips in. At 3oz, it’s perfect for anyone who needs to steal a moment or two at, say, the ballet or a play, without needing to try to conceal a full-size flask in your jacket.

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Primo Liquor Flasks 8oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask Gift Set

Not only does this flask look good, it’s designed to last. Stainless steel wrapped in leather is always a good combination, and it’s laser-welded so that it’s smooth and leak-free. It’s 50% thicker than an average flask, so it won’t fall apart on you, and it also comes with an attachable funnel and a nice gift box.

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Flask For WINNERS with Engraved “Well Deserved”

You’re a winner, and that slug of whiskey is absolutely well-deserved, so why not remind yourself of that with this beauty? Aside from the positive affirmation, it’s also a stainless-steel flask covered in gold plating. Truly, a flask for winners – sorry, WINNERS – and kings.

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Future Hydrate Premium 8oz Soft Touch Leather Wrap Outdoor Adventure Flask

Outdoor adventure! Really, though, the best thing about this flask other than its classic look: it’s tested leak proof. It’s also billed as “rust and corrosion resistant”, which helps with that whole outdoor thing. Good for parties and for getting bombed with a bear.

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SneakyBooks Recycled Hollow Book Hidden Flask Diversion Safe

Listen, sometimes you’re a drunk who needs to appear respectable. I get it. No judgments. This hollowed out book comes with a flask, which fits perfectly in its compartment, so you can take your liquor with you to class, the library, hell anywhere you might take a book. Especially handy for those times when you know you’re probably going to be searched. The book is a real book too, so you don’t have to worry about it looking fake, and even when you’re not using it for your flask, you can use it to hide other valuables.

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Concealable NES Entertainment Flask

This one is just fun. It’s a flask designed to look exactly like an old Nintendo cartridge. It holds about 4oz, which isn’t the most, but let’s face it, you’re buying this because it’s a fun conversation starter, not to mention a cool thing to just have. You can even select your choice of “games”, from “Super Bar Hop Bros” to “Drunk Hunt” to “Castlevodka.”

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Perfect Pregame Flask

Stylish, with a classic stainless steel wrapped in leather look, the best thing about this flask is the built-in compartment, which holds up to six cigarettes. I mean, people smoke when they drink, so why not come prepared?

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Top Shelf Flasks Premium Stainless Steel Hip Flask

This is a basic stainless steel flask with one catch: it holds 12oz instead of the standard 8. That can make all the difference in the world to the serious drinksman. Forget about all the bells and whistles, this flask has the ultimate feature: more alcohol.

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Hip Flask Plus 8oz Black Polyjuice Potion Black Flask

Hey listen, I know there are Harry Potter fans out there reading this. You grew up on it. I get it. Well, this flask is for you. Engraved with the “polyjuice potion” this flask will give you an in with all the quiet arty girls who may also be witches who can cast a spell on that dick. Live life, bros. That’s all I’m saying.

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Tipsy Tubes 8oz Hidden Alcohol Flask

The perfect flask for a day at the beach, or any summer outdoor activity where you need to keep your drinking on the downlow. This three-pack of flasks looks exactly like any sunscreen or tanning lotion bottle, only instead of lotion, they’re filled with liquor, just like God intended.

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BarMe Pewter Flask with Hammered Design and Silver Finish

This beautiful flask is beautiful for a reason: it was handmade and imported from England. That means it’s a bit more expensive than your average flask, but why settle for average? This is a gentleman’s flask, a flask that shows that you care about the finer things in life. Or at least being a fancier drunk.

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Smuggle Mug Umbrella 9oz Flask with Lid Seals and Speed Pourer

This is the flask for anyone who needs to sneak their booze into, well, anywhere you might plausibly take an umbrella. That means just about anywhere you might be searched – a festival, perhaps? The 9oz capacity means you should be able to carry enough to get a serious buzz on, and the lid seals and speed pourer that come with it mean that you can get the job done quickly and without making a leaky mess.

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Perfect Life Ideas Jumbo 64oz Stainless Steel Metal Liquor Flask

Hey listen, at some point a flask isn’t a flask. I mean, part of a flask’s appeal is its ability to be snugly hidden away. But, there are times when you have to look in the mirror and ask yourself what you really need in life, and that means coming to terms with owning a giant 64oz flask. Sure, it’s bigger than most liquor bottles, but you’ll be the one enjoying the never-ending flow of booze while everyone else runs out of liquor and begs you, the man with the booze, for a few drops of your precious juice. Sure, it’s completely ridiculous and you’ll never be able to conceal it, but so what? Lean in to your drunkenness. Make a bold statement. And a giant 64oz flask is a hell of a statement.

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