The 15 Best Hiking Backpacks Perfect For Outdoor Adventures Of Every Kind

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Hiking backpacks are a necessity for anyone looking to hit the trail. But the best hiking backpacks are also a luxury, enhancing your hiking experience and keeping you alive at the same time. You need more than an empty sack, you need a hiking backpack that works for you, and I’m here to help you find it.

So, just find the hiking backpack below that works best for your needs, click on through and then get ready to roll in the great outdoors with one of these 15 best hiking backpacks for every budget and every need.

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Daypack

This is just a solid daypack, which should more than fit your needs for a day on the trail. At 35L, it’s pretty big for a daypack, but if you’re worried that it will become cumbersome, it’s designed so that you can fold it away and literally put it in your pocket when you’re done with it. And at 70% off its list price, it’s hard to beat in terms of quality for the price.

Price: $20.99
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Teton Sports Scout 3400

This internal frame backpack is good for anyone about to embark on an extended journey. The 55L capacity should fit just about anything you could ever want or need, and the foam lumbar pad means that you can carry this without destroying your precious back.

Price: $56.63
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Outlander Packable Daypack

Another packable daypack, this is a great bag for anyone seeking peace of mind about their purchase. That’s because with almost 6,000 reviews with an average of 4.7/5 stars, with 81% of the reviews being 5 stars, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you will love this 33L bag. And, man, you’ve gotta love the price.

Price: $17.82
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Vbiger Hiking Backpack

Unlike most hiking backpacks that require a rain cover, this backpack by Vbiger is waterproof, and at 40L it should fit all your gear without being too cumbersome. It hits that sweet spot between a daypack and a giant mountaineering pack, and it’s available at a very affordable price.

Price: $25.99
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Mountaintop Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Of course, sometimes you might need the giant backpacks. I mean, a daypack isn’t gonna cut it in the wildest of the wilds, and this 80L monster will more than meet your needs. I mean, this bag is big enough that you can hang a tent and sleeping bags from its straps. And perhaps the best part is that it’s normally a $259 backpack available right now for only $89.98.

Price: $89.98
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Deuter Speed Lite 10

And at the completely opposite end of the spectrum, we have this great bag, a 10L ultra-light pack designed for people who just want to take a day to hike and enjoy themselves without having to almost literally carry the weight of the world on their back. 10L is still big enough to carry plenty of gear, but small enough that you’ll barely know it’s there.

Price: $55.00
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ARMYCAMOUSA 40L Expandable Tactical Backpack

This pack gives you something very important: versatility. That’s because depending on your needs, it can expand another 8L, which makes it a good backpack for everything from a day hike to a long weekend trek. And hey, how are you gonna argue against a backpack that markets itself on its ability to hold “vital assault gear”? This backpack gets you.

Price: $35.99
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Paladineer 40L Hiking Backpack

At 40L this is another backpack that hits that “just right” sweet-spot. Not too big and not too little, it’s a perfect daypack. How perfect? Well, it’s 4.9/5 average rating on Amazon makes it one of the highest rated hiking backpacks of all sizes.

Price: $45.99
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Osprey Stratos 36

Osprey makes killer hiking backpacks and the Stratos 36 is one of their best. At 36L, it’s in that sweet spot, but it’s also got a dedicated sleeping bag compartment so you can feel just fine taking it on an overnight trip. It’s big enough to live off of for a few days and small enough that it comfortably fits in the overhead compartment on an airplane. Now that’s versatility.

Price: $160.00
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SUNVP 45L + 5L Hiking Backpack

A 45L bag that expands to 50L, this backpack is marketed as “ideal for weekend or week-long trips lasting 2-5 days,” so… yeah, if that sounds like what you need, go for it! And at 65% off its list price, going for it makes a whole lot of financial sense too.

Price: $59.99
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CamelBak 2016 Rim Runner 22 Hydration Pack

Many hiking backpacks – including most on this list – contain space for a hydration pack, but they don’t come with them already built in. This pack does, which makes it perfect for anyone wanting to tackle a day-hike during summer. And since the hydration pack is already built in, you don’t have to worry about it being clumsy or in the way like you might have to with other packs.

Price: $84.00
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The Friendly Swede 25L Ultralight Foldable Backpack

Another backpack that folds up and fits in your pocket, this bag weighs only 240 grams (about 8 oz.) which is almost impossibly light, which probably helps to explain why this backpack is so highly rated (4.8/5 on Amazon). Of course, it doesn’t hurt that at $16.99, you’re not going to find a better bag for the price.

Price: $16.99
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Osprey Men’s Atmos 65 AG

This is a huge bag for serious hikers, but here’s what makes it a great bag: that “AG” in the name stands for “anti-gravity,” which refers to unique anti-gravity technology by Osprey which is used to make your giant bag easy to carry. Basically, all the weight is carried in the framework of the bag, not on your back. This is something that is crucial for anyone about to take a long trek.

Price: $256.11
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TERRA PEAKS Adjustable Hiking Backpack

Look, in the serious hiking game, size matters, and the simple fact is this: you aren’t going to find a bigger backpack on the market. At 85L, this bag is huge, but it’s actually expandable by 20L, which means you get the ridiculous carrying capacity of 105L. But, it’s also adjustable, allowing you to fit the bag to your body size, which is kind of important. But really, this is all about size, baby. 105L!

Price: $139.99
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Osprey Packs Farpoint 70

Another kickass backpack by Osprey, what sets this one apart isn’t its size – although at 70L, it’s big enough to be the perfect heavy-duty hiking backpack – it’s that it comes with a detachable daypack, which means that you are really getting two bags in one here, both Osprey quality. I mean, you simply aren’t going to find a better setup. It is a hiking backpack Transformer, and you, dear friend, are the human it has chosen to be its friend.

Price: $183.19
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