The Best Meat Delivery Services, Ranked (2022)

  • Finding the best meat delivery services doesn’t have to be so difficult
  • With loads of options to choose from, this list has the only ones any guy should consider
  • Because, really, who doesn’t love as much meat as possible?

BBQ season is upon us, guys, meaning lots of time spent in the backyard and standing over grills cooking fresh meat for anyone within smelling distance of such glorious grub. Whether you like steaks, chicken, pork chops, fish, and, well, anything else you can think of, there are lots of ways to load up on all that deliciousness.

But one way that’s become much more popular over the past year has been ordering groceries online. Since it’s time to stock your fridge up with all the grilling items known to man, we’re giving you the best meat delivery services that’ll help you out — because nobody wants to run out of meat!

To be the true grilling king, you need to be more than just handy with a spatula. It takes having the most premium cuts of meat to earn the highest distinction — so take a look at the best meat delivery services below to choose which ones fits your preferences and budget.

The best meat delivery services, ranked….

Good Chop

BroBible Good Chop Box

Looking to add some Surf ‘n’ turf to the menu? From juicy ribeye steaks to wild-caught sockeye salmon, Good Chop puts you in the driver’s seat when ordering meat or seafood! Mix and match 47 high-quality beef, pork, chicken, and seafood cuts to build your own fully customized box (Medium or Large). Free from anything unnatural, Good Chop delivers All-American meat and seafood you can trust. You’ll receive a box every 4 weeks so you can grill, sear, or broil your cuts just the way you like them!

  • High-quality meat and seafood from American farms and fisheries
  • No antibiotics or added hormones, ever
  • Responsibly raised meat
  • Sustainably sourced seafood
  • Flexible deliveries and 100% customizable boxes

Good Chop

Butcher Box

Offering convenience, quality, and value, ButcherBox makes sure you no longer have to dive into the frozen food aisle at your grocery store for the perfect cut of meat. You no longer need to talk to your Cousin Vinny about which butcher to go to. You no longer need to eat meat that’s not up to snuff. That’s because the subscription service only follows the best practices, only shipping high-quality meat that tastes delicious.

  • 100% grass-fed and grass-finished
  • Pasture -raised
  • Humanely raised
  • No added hormones
  • No antibiotics ever
  • Source of Omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals
  • Tons of meats to choose from, from grass-fed ribyeye to salmon to chicken thighs.


Grandpa Scalzo’s Famous

It’s hard to dispute an 80-year tradition of making quality and uniquely delicious sausage. From the idea being born from a three-decades-long friendship between buddies Ray and David to today, Grandpa Scalzo’s Famous has delivered incredible moments, creative recipes and delicious memories from households and backyard BBQs.

$80 of Grandpa Scalzo’s sausage gets you 24 servings – that’s a serious picnic!

With a couple of different options to choose from — Hot Italian Chicken Sausage, Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage — there are two distinctive flavors to bolden up any dish of your choice. Plus, because it’s chicken sausage and not pork sausage, you’ll feel a little less guilty snacking on it as much as you can.


Crowd Cow

After discovering that many friends of the co-founders were purchasing meat directly from farms and not over-the-counter at grocery stores, Crowd Cow became an idea that turned into a (successful) business. Today, the brand operates with the top-notch ranchers to offer the best Angus and Wagyu, among plenty of other meats to choose from.

With a mission to deliver high-quality food with a direct connection between the farmer and the customer, the brand understands why its meat just tastes better than others out there.


KOW Steaks

When it comes to the best meat delivery services, KOW Steaks is one of the pioneers in the industry. With a family history stretching 125 years, the experience and quality of farming and ranching in southwest Iowa has been passed along through generations.

But what’s the biggest compliment a meat company can receive? How about world-renowned restaurants like Strip House, Delmonico’s, BLT Steak, The Grill, The James Beard House, The Gotham Burger Social Club, among others, all being loyal fans who use this meat in their establishments. That’s high praise, and can now be all yours this grilling season.


Blue Apron Butcher

Most of us have probably used Blue Apron before, with the chef-curated meals being delivered right to our doorstep. But the brand decided to add Butcher Bundles as an offering more recently, which includes hiqh-quality meat and seafood — complete with 12 servings of protein, versatile spices, and cooking inspiration.

Whether you’re looking to use the meat from Blue Apron Butcher Bundles as protein in an existing, homemade recipe, or for something you’re looking to whip up from scratch, the signature spice blends are a great start for grilling.

Each week, you’ll see the option to choose between four featured Butcher Bundles. Current options include the following:

  • Great For Grilling: $69.99
  • Surf & Turf: $79.99
  • Seafood Trio: $89.99
  • Specialty Selections: $119.99


North Coast Seafood

When anyone thinks of where the freshest seafood comes from, the Northeastern U.S. usually reigns supreme. And with over three generations of service, it’s safe to assume that North Coast Seafood understands what it means to deliver high-quality products. So it’s no wonder the Boston-based company finds itself among the best meat delivery services available.

North Coast Seafood controls the entire process to ensure the freshest cuts are delivered straight to you. This includes the time on water, to how it was caught, to who caught it, to how they took care of it, to the way it was processed, to how it was packaged and transported. The brand goes above and beyond, and sets the standard in seafood.


Porter Road

Specializing in hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, Porter Road doesn’t mess around when it comes to delivering the highest-quality meat. Maybe that’s why their tagline is so appropriate: “Meat that’s raised better tastes better.”

Started by two Nashville restauranteurs who wanted to offer better quality meat, the brand now only uses meat from butchers in Tennessee and Kentucky who operate under the highest standards. That makes a world of difference in both the taste and the overall goodness for your body.


Holy Grail Steak Company

There’s no question Holy Grail Steak Company deserves to be on this list of the best meat delivery services. With a unique selection of premium and artisanal beef — which includes the A5-graded Japanese Wagyu and Kobe Beef — you’re sure to get the top of the top meat with this service.

As anyone who grills knows, the quality of meat (especially steaks) makes a huge difference when serving up. But with the tender, juicy, high-quality beef from Holy Grail, you’ll never have to worry about getting the wrong cut again.



Trifecta has the highest quality food in the industry, meaning you’ll boost your mind and body with the best nutrients on earth. With its organic, gluten, and dairy-free ingredients that are never frozen, the brand fuels men in the most unique ways without any guilt whatsoever.

Offering six categories to choose from — Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Clean Eating and Classic Meals — there’s sure to be an organic meal plan that fits your lifestyle. And because Trifecta’s meals are backed by nutritional science and taste great, you know you’re putting the good stuff inside your body. No more diets. No more gimmicks. No more BS. This is real, tasty, organic, filling food engineered for those striving to be better.

Here’s what helps make Trifecta different.

  • Convenience. Save time rather than having to spend hours meal prepping every week
  • High Quality. The freshest food, from farm-to-fork, including organic produce, grass-fed meat and wild caught fish that’s never frozen
  • Meal Delivery Used By Elite Athletes. Join the community of athletes who use meal prep as a secret weapon
  • More Than Food, It’s A Nutrition Program. With the help of the Trifecta app, you can track meals and fitness, discover over 6 million food items, and communicate with a community of others to support progress

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