9 Out Of 10 Bros Agree: Rocking These ‘American As F*ck’ Tanks And Tees Increases The Chances Of Getting Laid

Hitting the gym to make sure you keep a Spring Break Body 24/7/365 and being a smooth talker isn’t everything when it comes to gaining the favor of the opposite sex, but I don’t need to tell you bros that because each and every one of you knows the importance of wearing a party tee or tank when trying to get laid.

It’s true, we here at BroBible have done exhaustive market research in the field of coitus, and 9 out of 10 bros agree that wearing a patriotic party tank or tee when trying to get with a member of the opposite sex increases your chances of taking that Saturday morning ‘Stride of Pride’ by ten fold. And that’s precisely why you should consider picking up both a patriotic party tank and a party tee from the selection down below, because you’re an ambitious bro and you’re looking to take that ‘Stride of Pride’ both Saturday and Sunday morning. As for which party tees and tanks you should wear, well, it doesn’t get any better than Tthese designs from ‘American As F*ck’.

I’ve thoroughly combed the ‘American As F*ck’ website and included all the patriotic party tanks and tees below which I personally believe give you the greatest chances at getting laid. But if you don’t see anything below that really pops out at you then you can check out their entire catalog here.
Hacksaw Jim Duggan


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Donald Trump — Gold Plated

Trump Tank

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George Warshington


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The Dubya Shark

George Bush

Buy It Here: 29.99

Bill Clinton – Slayer in Chief


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Party Like Our Forefathers

Fore Fathers

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The Donald Pump

Donald Pump

Buy It Here: 23.95

Teddy Swolesevelt


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Abe Lincoln vs. Grizzly


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Ronald Reagan – Velociraptor


Buy It Here:29.99

American Psycho


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Ronald Reagan


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That’s just a quick glimpse at the catalog being offered up from ‘American As F*ck’, so to check out everything they’ve got for sale CLICK HERE and all of your wildest dreams will come true!