Make The Perfect Cup Of Artisan Coffee With This Glass Pour Over Set

Pour Over Coffee Set

The reason why pour-over coffee is so delicious is often attributed to a durable pour-over set. In essence, a good set will allow the coffee to filter down to the bottom mug properly and present a bold cup of joe.

If you want to know what exactly properly is, allow me to elaborate.

First, you want a brewing set made with materials to withstand immediate changes of temperature when pouring in the hot water. Next, you want to make sure the material is going to hold the grinds in place while carefully filtering the drink into the mug below.

Pour Over Coffee Set

One such material is glass—specifically Borosilicate glass—that’s made to handle heat shock from hot water. The great news is you can get this pour over coffee set made with Borosilicate glass on Huckberry for 15% off.

The set is simple to use and has a great design—some may even call it, aesthetically pleasing.

Pour Over Coffee Set

What you get are two mugs, the top being where you load the coffee grinds, pour in the water, and let the coffee filter out through the ceramic glass filter attached, and then the bottom mug serving as a catcher to your delicious artisan coffee. The flavor resembles much like a fine French press as the process allows every last drop of coffee to be squeezed out.

The best feature is the top mug of the set can also be used over the top of other mugs in your cabinet. So if you’re looking to make multiple cups you can do so easily and tastefully.

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