15 Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters For 2017… Classic Movies, Kardashians, Ric Flair, And More!

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best ugly christmas sweaters

The goal of finding and buying the best ugly Christmas sweaters is simple: To ensure that you look like the idiot to end all idiots at all of your holiday parties this year. Because make no bones about it, that is the main objective. Sure you want to merry-make and all that other festive mumbo-jumbo, but one of the best parts of ADULT CHRISTMAS, is wearing something tacky and highly questionably. Well, that and pouring loads of Jack Daniels into the egg nog. But before you can consume a hefty amount of liquor, you have to get your attire right. You have to find the best ugly Christmas sweater you can. Without it, your holiday (and life) will be ruined.

So without further ado, here are the best ugly Christmas sweaters on the market right now for 2017.

Kris Kringle-Kardashian

best ugly christmas sweaters

People sleep on how high-key thicc Santa is, all about that milk and cookie body. Everyone knows this famous Kim Kardashian picture, so you’re sure to rake in some ugly sweater compliments at your party.

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Stocking Sweater

best ugly christmas sweaters for men


Them: “What’s in your pocket?”

You: “Oh, just a full bottle of booze!”

Talk about star of the party, strapping a full bottle across your chest and taking the holiday gathering to a whole new level.

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It Must Be Italian 

christmas story movie sweater

The iconic leg lamp! Ralphie’s mom may have destroyed it in the movie but its legacy will forever live on with this  hilarious sweater. Don’t fool yourself, A Christmas Story references are always a great idea.

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Airing Of Grievances

festivus seinfeld sweater

It’s a Festivus for the rest of us! Grab this sweater, setup the aluminum pole, and prep for the airing of grievances. One of the greatest Seinfeld episodes is remembered every December and now you can let everyone know you celebrate like a Costanza.

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Deez Nuts

deez nuts christmas sweater

Deeez Nuts jokes will never not be hilarious. Combine that with some play on words about one of the most famous ballets on earth, you have an awesome ugly Christmas sweater.

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Ya Filthy Animal

home alone christmas sweater

The best part of Home Alone (in my humble opinion) is now a member of our best ugly Christmas sweaters list.

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Ric Flair

ric flair christmas sweater

*woooo’s at everyone for the entire month of December*

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Mr. Narwhal

elf christmas sweater

Lowkey my favorite line and character from Elf. Mr. Narwhal is the greatest.

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Shitter Was Full

christmas vacation ugly sweater

Cousin Eddie: forever undefeated. Just an absolute legend and this quote/sweater is a hit at any party.

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The Big Lebowski 

dude abides christmas sweater

The dude abides. Plus, gotta love the bowling pin and ball in the sweater’s pattern.

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Let It Glow

light up christmas sweater

Oh, it’s fucking lit. This cool reindeer has lights in its antlers, and they actually light up when you move in this sweater.

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Abbey Road 

abbey road christmas sweater

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Buzz, Your Girlfriend, Woof!

home alone christmas sweater

It even cost less than Buzz’ life savings.

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Jewish Holiday

hanukkah sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t just for people who celebrate Christmas.

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Jolly AF 

jolly as fuck sweater

Huge if true.

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That concludes our round up of the Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for 2017. You’re welcome and happy holidays.



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