This Smokeless, Wood-Burning Fire Pit Is The Ultimate Backyard Accessory For Anyone Who Loves A Bon Fire

I love bon fires. Nothing is more quintessentially fall than throwing on some flannel and sipping beers with friends around a camp fire. That’s the good life when the temperatures start to drop.

What I don’t love about bon fires: The constant smoke that causes you to smell like a walking chimney. That’s why the BioLite FirePit is a game-changer. The BioLite is the world’s most revolutionary firepit thanks to a ventilation system that creates way less smoke than a conventional fire pit. The magic BioLite magic is the firepit’s air injection system that causes your wood to blaze on instead of smolder:

When you see smoke coming off of a typical campfire or firepit, that’s unburnt fuel; particulate matter that could have been combusted inside of the fire, but instead it’s getting on your clothes, in your hair, and more importantly, in your lungs (that’s why so many of us get a headache about an hour or two after sitting around a campfire). Think about it this way: if you saw a car driving down the street with a bunch of smoke coming out of its tailpipe you’d think that’s a badly tuned car. Well guess what, smoky fires are badly tuned fires.

It’s portable and you can use it with wood or charcoal for a “hibachi-style grilling experience.” Perfect for camping trips, the backyard, and cold-weather tailgates.

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Look at how quickly it goes from spark-to-smokeless:



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