Blast Off This Winter With This Sick Astronaut Jacket

In the event that Earth takes a turn for the worse — and by that we mean becomes an uninhabitable piece of dirt that’s constantly pelted with dust storms, hurricanes, tidal waves and all other manner of Mother Nature’s menstrual cycle — this spacelife jacket will come in handy. Until then, it’ll just keep you warmer than an astronaut free floating through space.

Looking exactly like Matthew McConaughey’s space gear in this year’s sci-fi space epic/Christopher Nolan mindfuck, Interstellar, this unique jacket takes functional fashion to the fifth dimension. It’s not just waterproof, it actually has “thousands upon thousands” of small glass beads embedded in the fabric to reflect light. And it’s pretty much built to withstand any and all manner of harsh weather conditions.

But, of course, you have to make it appealing to the youngins, so the jacket has a built-in audio system. There are actually Bluetooth speakers in the hood that are manned by a control panel on the sleeve. I bet Sandra Bullock wished she had something like this in Gravity; she could’ve been listening to Spotify while hangin’ out in open space.

The spacelife jacket was created by a pretty odd company called SPACELIFE. It’s selling point is “products are developed for the ultra modern man,” though their stuff looks better suited for the modern man of the day after tomorrow. Their catchphrase is just as sci-fi-friendly: “Designed for the frontiers of tomorrow.” The brand seems rooted in the belief that one day our day-to-day life will look something like Interstellar, and these people are preparing for that moment when we too will leave Earth and travel down a wormhole.

Hear that? That’s the sound of every Trekkie and Star Wars nut jizzing their pants. But unless they have $2,000 lying around, they’ll be getting blue balls instead.

[H/T: Cool Material]

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