BottleKeeper: The Best Way To Keep Your Beer Ice Cold And Hidden In Public (Buy NOW, Get Free Bottle Opener)

Today I’m incredibly stoked to both introduce you bros to the BottleKeeper (the best bottle koozie/cooler on the market) AND announce a month-long partnership between BroBible and BottleKeeper. Some of you bros might already be familiar with the BottleKeeper, most of you likely haven’t heard about this revolutionary drinking device yet, and I’m about to drop some BottleKeeper knowledge on each and every one of you. And, if sometime between now and September 13th you bros buy a BottleKeeper (which you SHOULD) and use the promo code “BROBIBLE” at checkout you’ll get a free BottleKeeper Bottle Opener to go along with your new BottleKeeper (you MUST add the free bottle opener to your cart AND use the promo code in order to get hooked up!). Now for a little info on the BottleKeeper device:

Need a koozie that’ll keep your beer bottle colder than a poler bear’s toenails?
The BottleKeeper will do that.
Need a koozie that’ll keep your beer bottles hidden in public?
The BottleKeeper will do that.
Need a strong koozie that’ll protect your glass beer bottles from breaking?
The BottleKeeper will do that.

The BottleKeeper is THE ULTIMATE BEER BOTTLE KOOZIE, as it both keeps your beer ICE COLD by insulating it, and it keeps that bottle intact so that it never breaks if you drop it. Or rather, I should say that instead of the ‘ultimate beer bottle koozie’ the BottleKeeper is the death of the traditional koozie, because with the Bottle Keeper on the market there’s no reason to EVER use an old koozie. All that AND when you’re drinking in public out of a bottle koozie everyone knows what you’re drinking. With the BottleKeeper your beer is hidden, and it just looks like you’re sipping out of a regular ol’ thermos.

Here’s the gist of how the BottleKeeper works:

Buy Your Very Own BottleKeeper Today! CLICK HERE and use PROMO CODE “BROBIBLE” at checkout!

BUY HERE: Use Promo Code ‘BROBIBLE’ At Checkout To Get Your Free Bottle Keeper Bottle Opener (Make Sure To Add The Bottle Opener To Your Cart)

The makers of BottleKeeper believe so much in their product that they even offer this incredible guarantee:

Our friends at Wikipedia say, “A money-back guarantee, also known as a satisfaction guarantee, is essentially a simple guarantee that, if a buyer is not satisfied with a product or service, a refund will be made.”

We think that sounds pretty good and we’re confident in BottleKeeper and its other-worldly capabilities, so we’re going to do that — guarantee it. If you have a change of heart and decide that you prefer warm beer or are not happy with your BottleKeeper purchase, for any reason, you can return your order for a full refund. Heck, we’ll even pay for the return shipping because that’s just how we roll!

So if the world’s best and most reliable bottle koozie is something that you’re interested in you should stop what your’e doing and BUY IT NOW by following the link below, but don’t forget to use promo code “BROBIBLE” at checkout to get your free BottleKeeper Bottle Opener (add the bottle opener to your cart in addition to the bottle opener).

Buy Your Very Own BottleKeeper Today! CLICK HERE and use PROMO CODE “BROBIBLE” at checkout!